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As in 2greys documented article, doctors have long known the impact of stressful times on our physical health but 10 years on?? It threw our body stores mindful memories in this way..

I have always liked my life like “ a lake with no ripples”. I love that expression from Belruth Naparstek and how she says it 😃

There are some more affirmations on youtube on depression this time.

For those who are interested:

But she has a few to promote General Wellness which I am quoting below:

“ First Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths”

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Some: “More and more I can release unwanted emotions once they are acknowledged, I can send them out with a breath in the interest of my well-being”.

“ I know that when I can forgive myself and others of the past, I give my body room to be well”.

“ More and more I can appreciate my body, be conscious of it, honor it and fully inhabit it”

“ More and more I can see the beauty of my own being.”

“ More and more I can see the beauty of others and the beauty of my surroundings. »

So beautiful people have a good Thursday 🧚‍♂️

Fran xx

Uplifting post Fran. I will be working on the ripple free lake as I like the sound of that plus freeing my mind and body of guilt and worry. I need to be kinder to myself I think. 🤔

Thank you and have a good day. Xxx 😘💖

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Yes I can do with fairy 🧚‍♂️ tales at the moment 🧚‍♂️🌷😘

Happy Fran you are lost in space have a happy day out there in the cosmos.

Grounded Ski's and a guilt free

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Haha.. yes spacy Fran you can’t imagine how much my friend 🎿 ..

But Aria has put on a show for Scruffynounette 😃

I need the World Cup I think and it looks like they are going to mess that up for us!!

Anyway nebs are waiting xx


I'm Inspired, Thank you Fran. Besos XXX

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Besos Amiga xx

Thank you Fran for such a positive post...a little salve for the soul❤.

Have a good day today xxx

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Thank you Anne 🌷💓

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