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TB jabs?


When I was 13 (1990) I had my TB immuninisation as did all the kids at school it was rolled out and my siblings did too. I'm wondering why they stopped it as I've read that rates of TB are now on the increase again.

Anyway I've decided to get my kids their jabs, they are 13 and 15. Although the jabs are not done as standard anymore you can pay for them, there's a travel clinic near me and I'm going there with them to get them done. I just think it's important as we live in greater London too I think there's more risk here. Maybe I'm paranoid but I think it's best to be safe than sorry. It sounds a horrendous disease so if there's immuninisation then why not use it? Shame the national scheme has been stopped.

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I didn’t know it had been stopped but that’s one to remember for the grandchildren in the future. Xxxx

Shancock in reply to sassy59

Yes they scrapped it in 2005 as TB was becoming less and less but not irradicated completely. When I was at school we all had it as teenagers.

It's increasing now and can be bought into the country. I've booked the kids in to a private clinic to have the test first, then if that's clear they go back a week later for the jab. It's £75 each child which is a lot but worth it for not getting TB I think. It's not 100% a given but I think it's about 80% immunity so worth it I think.

It can be done at any age I think, well actually not true I think it's under 35 or it won't work as well, I don't know why.


Available but not routinely given, interesting note ,inner London as a higher risk rate than rest of U.K..


Vaccination timeline.


Shancock in reply to stone-UK

Yes well I guess more people being the reason I suppose. We are greater London but my daughter wants to go to Uni on the South bank and we often go into West end for shopping or theatre etc.

It's £75 per child so I'm going to go for it as I'd never forgive myself if one of them got it and I perhaps could have prevented it.

One of the things that I am especially careful about is cleanliness even to the point of carrying around hand sanitizer and using it often. A lot of the countries I have been to have many such illnesses running unchecked to greater or lesser extent. I had the TB jab when I was young but even I am very conscious of the risk involved. TB, Hepatitis and cholera are just a few of the things I have come across in my travels and it makes you wonder why things get dropped from the standard inoculation regime that we should have.


Shancock in reply to andyrrc

Yes I too always carry hand gel and frequently wash my hands. Make sure au never touch door handle or hand rails. I either wear gloves or use my elbow!

I should think it's been dropped to save money! Not good thinking I don't think.

I have just been checking to see why and when the BCG vaccination for all children was dropped ....I found some information on the BBC Newsite in 2005 ....School TB jabs to be scrapped.

My youngest daughter , now 46, was given the injection in hospital just after birth. In those days you didn't question...all the babies on the ward were taken away and vaccinated at the same time.

The other two had to wait until they were older.

I remember the special TB hospitals when I was young, and the mobile X-ray caravans.

Don-1931 in reply to knitter

It's hard to find out what the dangers of having the jab are. It says they should only be given to healthy children, nothing I can see about what happens if given to unhealthy children. I think the risk in both cases is very very small now, but certainly the the risk of not having is greater in London than elsewhere in the UK.

They still administer them here. I guess it depends on the country. Do what you think best for your children Shancock . xx 💉

Shancock in reply to Caspiana

That's what I thought, I'm going to go ahead and book them in, better safe than sorry I think.

Another matter entirely, could I ask? 9 weeks after my operation an ditbwas healing well, now I've gone and caught a cold! My nose is very sniffly and when I rinse green grunge comes out also pressure once more around my eyes, nose and forehead. I can't see my ENT dr till 26th April as he's on holiday. I was thinking maybe I should see my GP and get course of abs? I don't want more abs really but I'm not sure I should leave it and risk it getting worse. I know for most people sinus infections clear up by themselves but given my history with them and my recent surgery I feel maybe a quick course may be the best thing at this time?

Did you get any colds when you you were healing after your operation with it?

Thank you in advance Caspiana

Caspiana in reply to Shancock

Hello Shancock .

I did and it was more uncomfortable than usual, because I was already stuffy and the cold made things worse. If I were you, I'd follow your instincts and see your GP.

I'm sorry you aren't doing so well. I hope you feel better very soon. 😊

Cas xx ☕🍰

Shancock in reply to Caspiana

Thank you, hopefully I'll get there one day!

I'll go tomorrow evening and see the GP. I can deal with the stuffiness but it's the headache and pressure that's nasty. Paracetamol and even a little ibruprofen isn't really helping.

Caspiana in reply to Shancock

I understand, it's really all the congestion that causes the headaches. 😑 Take good care. Thinking of you. xx 🌸

beech in reply to Shancock

It would be wise to see your GP in case a course of antibiotics might help.

I use a saline nasal spray daily (Neilmed) to keep my sinus passages clear, followed by one spray daily in each nostril of Avamys, both of which I’ve found has really helped with my long term nasal congestion and repeated infections without needing repeated antibiotics. It may be worth a try to help out long term.

beech in reply to beech

The NeilMed is recommended by our local ENT consultants, so is safe to use!

Shancock in reply to beech

Yes I use Neilmed too twice a day at moment since the surgery. I will ask about avamys when I see the ent dr on 26th. I'm going to the gp tomoro as maybe a course of Amoxicillin is needed in the meantime.

Good for you, I would do the same if I had young children. My granddaughter was born at Queen Charlotte and Chelsea Hospital (next to Wormwood Scrubs) she was vaccinated against TB at birth 6 years ago which goes to show how rife it can be in some areas. Scary. My eldest two were also vaccinated at birth in North Africa. I commend you. P

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