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Well it’s all been going on and it’s official Alzheimer’s Dementia Cancer care really dose SUCK in our hospitals.

Am I surspriced cancer patients are being put in broom cuberds NO


Twice over the weekend my dad was at hospital 1st was surspected SEPSIS and AMBULANCE 🚑 took 3 hours.

It’s good job this no such thing as breathing trouble or lung disease AS 3 hour wait WOULD defo finish us off.

After 10 hours and doctors not knowing cancer from infection THEY sent my dad home saying he was ok.

Only to be taken back SUNDAY where hospital started iv antibiotics for serious chest infection.

Anyway it’s not all bad news as I seem to be carrier of infections diease community pneumonia sepsis SO am waiting to start my home iv antibiotics’s.

Is shame how given my dad’s cancer he catches NOW what I have AND I catch what he as.

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Thinking of you both. It’s all very scary. Not great treatment for your dad but hope your home iv antibiotics go well. Xxxxx

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Hi sassy cheers am hoping be sorted

It just doesn't get any better for you, mate, does it ? Stay strong, JAS, and for what it's worth I have the utmost respect for what you're doing and for looking after your Dad like you do. - Nick.

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Hi cheers defo agree dose not get easy

Keep going. Hope you both feel better really soon.

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Hi cheers

Hope things pick up for you and your dad x

Stay string Jeff coz you need to be to get through the next lot of hurdles you'll no doubt,come across! Its quite sad really, I love our NHS but I feel due to government restrictions,money etc,that our NHS is bursting at the seams literally. Wishing your Dad some comfort and yourself put on the correct AB's! Keep us posted,yes?

With kind regards.

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Hi cheers well it’s all been going on SO I don’t really know where am up too.

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