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So tired again and heady


Exhausted today again, school holidays so I'm not at work but in some ways being at home is more work really! Got a head cold, my nose is sniffly and my head aches, so hoping it's doesn't get infected as my sinus operation hasn't totally healed yet and also don't want it going to my chest, fingers crossed. Doesn't help that we've gone from Sun to drizzle and cold again!

I'm having my 24hr ECG this Monday coming and I'm keen to know what's going on as I suspect that's been perhaps another reason for my extreme tiredness and fatigue. Gonna badger the Drs for the results and get a referral letter so I can see a cardiologist asap, I need to get this sorted. We're away in May and again in June for kids birthdays I'm not gonna be any good at Peppa Pig world feeling like this! There's obviously something not right and I'm fed up with feeling like I'm being a hypercondriac, I'm not but I just really haven't felt right since my terrible bronchitis infection last October.

I hope everyone else is feeling as well as they can be, and I think the weekend will be ☀️ again

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Feel better soon Shancock and I do hope you get some answers. Thinking of you and you will feel better to enjoy the birthday celebrations.

Love and hugs xxx ❤️


Well you should have a good check-up. Bronchitis does wear you out.And you had your sinus op which was a big deal..look how affected I am after those cataract operations, I thought it was just routine.. no op is anodine..

Do some breathing exercises to relieve stress and inhale from the tummy on a count of 4, hold gently on a count of 7 if you can and exhale blowing a candle on a count of 8 if you can. 5 times as needed.

It’s been a long winter..hope all goes well for you on Monday xx


Hope you feel better soon. All the best for Monday.

Shancock in reply to Ergendl

Thank you.

Hope they sort you out soon x

oh gosh- hope they sort you out

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