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Does anyone know of another alternative to Steriods? I dont like the side affects and cant sleep when on them and feel a bit paranoid! 😱 I am currently struggling like most peopl with after flue from weeks ago and feel so breathless. I took anti-biotics and chest clearer-I find swimming is helpful. It would be helpful to know what others have tried? I have puppy today-hes so cute and funny!

Bought him a new doggy gym a ball pond and a tunnel-perhaps thats what i need!😂

Thank you!

Janzo 🙂🙂

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Hello Janzo54 .

I know what you mean about the steroids. My sleep is badly effected too. My doctor counters that by giving me sleeping pills. I hate both. But without the steroids my breathing worsens and without sleep, well, that just makes everything unbearable. I would bring it up with your doctor.

I love your dog. What is his/ her name? 😁

Cas xx 🙋🐕

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Ok thanks-good idea about help with sleep! Not sleeping doesnt help our condition does it! Zzz

Hes called Elliot-but hes my daughters really a baby sit him 3days a week!

Hes a pug! Love him-he makes me smile! 🤣


Janzo x


What a cool name. Elliot. 😊 Have a great day Janzo. xx


No good alternative to steroids... depends how bad your breathing is but you can try to recover without them; they used to in the days before they were invented... albeit the survival rate was lower..! Best wishes

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Yes thats true!

Thank you


Like you I don't like the side effects of steroids and only take them when no option as I am too poorly. Last time the doctor prescribed an anti-histamine instead as I moaned about the steroids- unfortunately I don't know if they would work as I decided not to take them either and struggled on with just the anit biotics. My doctor wont prescribe sleeping tablets .


Doctors worry about long term effects yet if youre not sleeping for nights on end its more damaging to ones health as i cant function properly-wish Drs had more understanding if what its like for us!

Have you tried Herbal sleeping tabs? They work quiet well i think but are milder.

I think its all about quality of life and surely a weeks supply of a sleeping draught to keep with rescue pack isnt going to do any harm! Like you I struggle on without steriods-seeing COPD nurse Friday so will chat to her then.

Hope you can find something that works for you.



sadly Herbal sleeping tablets don't work for me at all - I'm trying cranial osteopathy and a night time tea at the mo as my sleep was down to 2 hours a night and that's without steroid tablets!! My sleep has improved and I'm only getting a couple of bad nights a week so if I have to take prednisolone I hope this continues then


Hope it wirks for you-let us know thank you.


Hi Janzo54,

I wish there was a better answer to your question than a simple no - I have been on pred now for almost 4 years, down from a high dose to 7 mg now (the bodies naturally producing level), side effects aren't great, I have osteopenia due to them but the sleep is totally back to normal - it took about 2 years mind ☺!

Life without them wouldn't be worth it, so they keep me functioning so I'm greatful to them for that - it's a balancing act!

Wishing you well ☺


Thanks for your reply Modola-dissapointing theres no alternative though!

When it comes to health we have to whats best by weighing up the pros and cons dont we-as you day sometimes theres no choice!

Good luck


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