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Not medical but to do with illness


The other day a post was on here about blue badges & car badges for unseen illness sufferers, but I was wondering if there are any badges for the person to wear, as there are for sight impaired and Autism. Anyone know ? There are loads for cars and mobility vehicals, including your blue badge if you have one. I have realised there seem to be more unseen illness than obvious disability. I have more than one myself. People will help if they are aware, notice how they help people with walking sticks to name one way of making people aware. A badge on the person is another option, we need more illnesses highlightedin this way.

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I think this would be a brilliant idea, it makes you wonder why someone hasn't thought of it before. Xx Bernadette 😳

katieoxo60 in reply to Damon1864

Think they have , but not extensive enough to cover all the varied illnesses, mostly covers the basics like deaf, blind, autism, wheelchair users and blue badgeholders cars. Lung conditions impair mobility but the illness does not have to be on the badge just lung condition, similar to arthritis or pain.


Not sure about being labelled, agree with walking stick you can always buy one as accessories they come in variety of colours and fold up. And are handy to learn on for a rest.

I use Ambulitory oxygen not as much help, I think people regard it as equal to a cure. Recently collected my new Motability vehicle the salesman ask twice do I want to go and inspect the vehicle. No I thought one journey into car go home. He insisted on showing the opening tailgate window. What for there’s a hoist and scooter in the back, no room to load shopping.

Now when I use my scooter, big difference, even with a hoist people passing will often ask can I manage. Doors are opened. Shopping bags are filled even offering to fetch round to place on scooter.

katieoxo60 in reply to stone-UK

I don't want to be labelled either Stone but some people might. I wear a splint which works like the walking stick but people don't realise how much multi illness effects your ability to do things normally, they comprehend wheelchair, mobility scooters and white sticks as signs of disability. It's very frustrating when people slam doors in your face and you don't have the power to open them again so to speak. Due to the length of time I have been disabled I have learn't to accept peoples poor perception of what constitutes disabled. I need two hands just to hold a cup or glass. But fortunately I am not in a wheelchair yet and am a volunteer secretary, but its not neat writing like a professional :)

stone-UK in reply to katieoxo60


Found this!

Michele-Cat in reply to stone-UK

Many thanks for the link. I've just applied for one of their badges :)

BSA-3 in reply to Michele-Cat

Me too !

katieoxo60 in reply to stone-UK

Thanks Stone, there is a delay due to demand

BSA-3 in reply to katieoxo60

There are a few 'unofficial' badges and stickers on Amazon, re. this topic. Also, didn't there use to be a 'S.O.S.' bracelet/ pendant with meds and allergies information? Take care.

katieoxo60 in reply to BSA-3

You are right, think SOS bracelets are still available for things like asthma,epilepsy and you can get a card for your purse /wallet from Asthma UK. But these are intended for emergency if taken ill not to let others know you are diasabled and need help. There is a system for ambulance service too but once again only if you are taken ill.

BSA-3 in reply to katieoxo60

Ah, right. I understand. Thanks katieoxo60.

Hidden in reply to stone-UK

Hi stone thanx to your valuable advice I collect my car with hoist around the 20th ... Can you tell me how you find using the hoist as that was the whole reason they allowed me to return the car I currently had and get this one with a hoist... is it easy to load/ unload and would you say 1 person is adequate to load it or 2 ? Just a rough opinion ?

stone-UK in reply to Hidden


Very easy by one person, ask for demo. Mines a four way, Autochair. Scooter is a Sterling little star. Line up, hook up lift into motor.

Look at YouTube for various videos.

Hidden in reply to stone-UK


Hello Katie. 👋

We have a badge here in Japan. I keep it pinned on my bag. People know I may need more time/ help than other people. Details such as telephone numbers of family members are on the back. It is a good idea. I can post a picture of you'd like.

I hope you are doing okay.

Cas xx 🌹🌸🌷

katieoxo60 in reply to Caspiana

That's an idea Cas, a picture would help hatch a plan for one here thanks xx

Caspiana in reply to katieoxo60

Okay Katie. On the way! 😀

It would be a good idea I think. Our village shop had an assistant who was deaf who wore a badge and we all appreciated it, it was less embarrassing for everyone. The oxygen cannula helps, but I agree that a lot of people think it is a cure. My husband has told several curious small boys that I am training to be an astronaut, which has caused a lot of excitement!

For a badge on the person, put forward the suggestion that BLF buy little disabled blue badge type stickers to stick on red balloons over the British LUNG Foundation tags. The tags are already available, just needs that symbol on the balloon.


katieoxo60 in reply to Don-1931

Sounds Like a plan to me. Thought Hu might have an idea too. BLF could raise some funds if they could supply a badge that merely says unseen disability or lung condition or adapt the tags as you say.Thanks for the suggestion


Years ago, before my COPD diagnosis, when my asthma was really bad and I could hardly walk any distance without getting painfully breathless, I decided to get a walking stick. Not because I needed help or support when walking, but because I walked so slowly and had to stop frequently. The effect was instantaneous and just what I needed - suddenly most people were considerate and helpful. Crossing roads was easier because cars were now prepared to wait for the poor old girl with a stick. No-one wants to be seen as a poor old girl but needs must, and it made going out much more pleasant.

And you can get some very snazzy walking sticks these days... :)

katieoxo60 in reply to jabber

Had to laugh at your comment, however sadly thats how many people see it. My step daughter, who is a community matron suggested maybe a walker would be better for me. However I have arthritis in my feet too so walking is difficult even with an aid. I have been with many of my freinds to buy these folding sticks in alsorts of colours. One lady has one with poppies on bought to help the heroes......

What a good idea, hope it takes off. Pushing a trolley with an oxygen cannisters leads to offers of help for me when shopping. People are very kind when they see evidence of your condition .

katieoxo60 in reply to joyce74

Yes that is the point that many invisible sufferers are trying to get over.Because they look OK and use no aids people don't realise how ill some of them are. Thank you for your support.

joyce74 in reply to katieoxo60

You are welcome

If you look on ebay you can buy one of those rubberised bracelets for just about any condition I have one which says Medical Alert COPD so just search for medical alert bracelet

Thank you

That is a great idea but as you say it has to be something that will be understood by the masses? I have multi-conditions and I am fed up with the amount of times I get "You do not look ill" I am often mentioned by some one when I park in a blue badge bay. I did have a senior pair to me say well within my hearing range "I bet it is not his badge?" I am sorry to say I felt the need to reply " With regards to your comment I can only presume that you are both Doctors and can diagnose my conditions by sight alone. I wish I had gone to you instead of having 12 medical procedures to give me any quality of life! The joy of not having to take the 15 prescription medicines a month!" They did say sorry and both walked at a rate I wish I could?

Back to your idea :) I thought maybe an Eye looking at a wall with the disabled wheelchair logo?

Or just 3 words.... Hidden but Living ? Or both?

I do have a sticker on my car from PHA that says "I may not look disabled but I have a serious lung condition"

BE Well

katieoxo60 in reply to Offcut

Well Offcut, I like your reply to the unthinking older people :) I got the lapel pin but even my freind said she cannot read it as it glints in tne light. Sadly even some of the medics are of similar attitude. I recall one saying you can walk to sink and wash so you are well enough. Like the eye idea but would others understand. The main problem is size if your wearing it and colour. I thought like others a red balloon for lung conditions,with words inside. ArthritisAction use green and yellow them colours are less reflective. But we definately still need to raise peoples awareness of unscene illness or disability. Keep well bye for now

OMG this had been a very sore point with me for 31 years ! I have 2 (now grown up) autistic children and had regular abuse as we had to use a blue badge as one of my kids got distressed in busy environments and often needed a swift exit and the other planted herself regular on the ground and refused to walk. But as we looked ‘normal’ until an ‘anxiety’ attack happened we were told things like “ these places are for disabled people

you know “etc or worse things said. So yes hidden disabilities are a problem even if you have a blue badge and there is no way I’m attaching labels to my children.

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