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one old Emphysema sufferer

Im 84 live alone have so I'M told have C O P D had it for years i JUST BROUGHT A NEBULISER with out my Dr consent i need to know what and where i can get a saline solution the in hailers im using dont seem to work because i have bad catarrh that needs clearing i have been prescribed many pills and nasal sprays by the Dr but none dont work for me to get an appointment takes 2to 3 weeks then its just 10 mins just more pills. I know this neb will be ok from bathing in the sea with salt up your nose.

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I have no experience with nebulisers so sorry I can't help. Am sure someone will be along soon to give you some answers xx


Yes you can buy nasal solution alone from the chemist’s, mention it is for your nebuliser, there are different kinds.

However I doubt it would suffice and would suggest you get medical advice on what you call your bad catarrh, from another service than your GP if that takes weeks, you may be dragging on some kind of infection.

Do not stop your medicine or your inhalers, nebulising with just saline has just a cleansing effect. Also it may irritate your nose and throat so do not abuse it.

Take good care of yourself xx


Catarrh is a family thing we all suffer just 2 of us left my older brother is 96 i got 10 years to catch up my surgery nurse gave me a steroid inhaler loved it but the Dr said no its the same less steroid he has given me pills plus nasal sprays that don't seem to work that's why the neb may be im to soft still think Doctors are God like tomorrow ill be seeing a new one and wont have that treatment 10 minutes to explain yourself and your out, Could be after all the email i've got not has bad as some others but to be fortunate and have a good pair of lungs then there is not much you can't achieve .thanks you Ken Sullivan


That was a waste of money because you probably could have got 1 from GP and the solutions too ... had you spoken to him first, or even breathing clinic, never be afraid to ask


God bless you

Ask your GP for your local SPA ( single point access ) telephone number they are District nurses who will be able to help you.

You can usually get what you need for your nebuliser from your chemist.

Good luck


Hi I bought my own nebulizer and then my gp prescribed the ventolin and tiotropium bromide but as I have several conditions sometimes I would be told to use the nebs then not to ...in the end I just stick to my inhalers ... I do feel if you need a nebs your doc would or should prescribe the solutions for it but perhaps you should book an app with your asthma/copd nurse at the surgery as she may be the best and perhaps quickest to see

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Hi Mel 💕

Which one have you got? I was given the Phillips Respironics which is useful but cumbersome so that’s for home.

I could do with it now but Im not allowed to use it because of my eye ops.

I have budesonide and ipratropium nebs.

I bought an Omron portable one but it is very delicate, had it repaired twice!

I find it very useful when I am building up to an infection if no like you I use my inhalers.

Love 💗



Hello Kensully, I use an inhaler and have done for many years. I got mine from the hospital heart clinic and get my meds on prescription. I also have a portable nebuliser that I brought so I can use it anywhere. However, I think you need to go back to your G.P and talk to him about your problems before he gets his pen to prescription, you should get medication from him for your nebuliser. Please let us know how you get on? Good luck 🤞

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Hi Fran I bought mine from Lloyds pharmacy for around 42 quid I'm not able to tell you the name of it at the moment it's stored away as for the 2nd time in a year my stairlift has over run itself with me on it ... hence I'm stuck upstairs for a few hours til my hosp app at half 1 ... a year ago it got me down the stairs but rather than stopping it continued and over run itself and my leg at the bottom...luckily my 12yrd old grandson saved the day by freeing my leg from being wedged between wall and lift ...I was unfortunately taking to hospital later with the start of my 3 weeks respiratory failure so never pursued why my stairlift had derailed ... it was all recorded by the engineer and fixed ...only a year and 2 months later taking me from top of my stairs . Which are a set with a small landing at top then a 3 further steps up to the right anyway down I started to go then whack wooaaahh.....it had tipped completely from upright to as far down to the right and floor as possible .... again tried ringing and no connection to their number ... was basically upstairs for the rest of the night and here I am now waiting for an engineer as the number finally started receiving calls this morn ...only problem I have my ambulatory app at half 1 ... told them I won't be In til 3pm so do hope they come as the thought of having to conquor them stairs on my return is too much at present lol ...Oh to be able to breathe again ...such a distant memory xxx hope your well xx😊


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