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Reoccurring chest infections


Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if anyone’s got any advice...

About 6 month ago, if not longer, a housing demolition and re-development began about 2 minute walk from my house. In December, I had my first chest infection in about 2 years, I then had yet another one in January and another one again in March. And I also feel like I’m yet again getting another one. Does anyone know if this could be due to the weather or could this be due to the housing re-development? Any advice would be appreciated

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The housing demolition could have had an impact on your breathing. Do try and avoid the area and think about using a dust mask if it is bad and you can't avoid it.

Jojo1899 in reply to Toci

The issue here is that I live about 3 minutes walk from the re-development. I have been told I could have asthma hence the infections keep reoccurring. However, my father is in the same situation, he has had 3 or 4 chest/throat infections since December too and he now also has pneumonia.... and I would prefer not to get any worse with mine as I get them bad as it is and couldn’t handle pneumonia.....not sure what my next step could be!

janice01 in reply to Jojo1899

Could be both in my experience !

I have been put on antibiotics x 3 weekly And done the trick for me.

Have antibiotic 'holiday' tween June and October each year and in overall better lung condition...

The builders should have damping down mechanisms in place for just this reason. You could contact them and ask for their confirmation that is the case. Otherwise keep the windows closed while the dusty work is being done. I don't believe in coincidences!

This should not have happened as builders are suppsed to dampen down excess dust, however as Claudine says keep the windows closed and wear a face mask when out near the building.


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