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Tai Chi and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Compared for Treatment-Naive Patients With COPD

In COPD, functional status is improved by pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) but requires specific facilities. Tai Chi, which combines psychological treatment and physical exercise and requires no special equipment, is widely practiced in China and is becoming increasingly popular in the rest of the world. We hypothesized that Tai Chi is equivalent (ie, difference less than ±4 St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire [SGRQ] points) to PR.


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Thank you that's an interesting read, was only thinking the other week about this and wondering if it would help. Think I may look for courses near me x


The research is for me highly technical and dense, but what I recall about the SGRQ tool is that as a Quality of Life questionnaire there are defects that might do with a revision of the questionnaire. As for bronchiectasis, perhaps a disease specific focus may not be the same as the broader COPD waveband?



Very interesting that 12 weeks after ending the exercises a "clinically significant difference in SGRQ emerged favoring Tai Chi". Thanks for sharing this 2greys.

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I have just completed PR at my local hospital . At the same time (not planned) I was attending a FAB programme at my local Marie Curie hospice of which Tai Chi was included I have to say I found the Tai Chi a lot more beneficial and enjoyable.


I have just started tai chi , have been twice, it’s really good. Not too strenuous but you know you are doing something. I only pay £3.00 as I have been referred via the PR course. Would recommend it to anyone.


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