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A picture with a moan


Aria is back in the garden, a sign of spring and better days to come!

Have you been watching the Hospital documentary on BBC2?

Awful to see how they must juggle with beds and cancellations, such a waste of human life. When you think the NHS has made an agreement with a Calais hospital because hip and knee replacements cannot be done in the country.

while an orthopaedist was left with one patient to operate on for a whole day in Nottingham.

There is a real budget management problem in those trusts. People seem to spend their time in useless meetings and sending patients home.

It isn’t what the #NHS used to be, it has been reduced to what we saw because of consecutive budgets draining the institution by government who value money more than medical care for their own people. I find it shameful and sad.

And Nottingham specialises in rare lung diseases like LAM it makes me wonder..

Nighty night xx


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i will let others take up your well meaning call to battle Happy Fran,and far to late in the day for political debate,i only just caught the last episode of 'hospital'and the characters involved at hospital management level where more like panelists on the tonight programme discussing managing the economy.it was more important for the hospital to stay open and fail it's patients rather than admit they were under staffed and under funded and needed to close their doors on that particular department and ask for patients to travel further for better treatment,Rest now and safe travelling tomorrow my one eyed warrior.a battle for another day................love Skis and Scruffy xx

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Thanks for your answer my dear 🎿 hoping you and Scruffynounette are well tucked in bed xx

Hi Fran 🍒

Yes, I saw the Hospital programmes last week and this .

I agree that it's shameful what's being allowed to happen to the NHS. But there's also some admirable work going on in Nottingham hospitals, as we saw in the programmes.....just not enough of it!

I think I told you that my daughter felt forced into leaving the NHS, only to work for a company that is paid to work for the NHS, due to enormous cutbacks year on year. That was in Nottingham.

The staff are at their wits end. It has been a state of the art university hospital service, but cut backs are limiting their work now....really since the Conservatives took over the government and made the whole country pay for bankers' misbehaviour.....while they're still all getting their huge bonuses each year.

The Labour Party in the UK is not an effective opposition at the moment. They're more focused on pushing their own left wing philosophy than trying to sort the country out. They sympathise but do nothing effective, and Brexit provides a smokescreen. It's criminal!

I'm sorry to rant! That's my view anyway 😵

Lovely to see Aria out in your Spring garden 😍

Home tomorrow, Fran 🎉🎊🎉 Hope all goes to plan, and you're soon home and sitting in your favourite armchair, with your feet up 👣🙅🏻

Good luck 🍀 love Penny 🌺❤️

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Hi Penny 🧚‍♀️

No I didn’t know about your daughter poor thing. I am not blaming the staff who do more than their share with full corridors and no beds for sure.

And it is so sad because undoubtedly patients’ lives are at risk when you know you can’t do your job properly. So the frontline is always at the receiving end of distressful situations.

As I said I was particularly interested in Nottingham because Professor and his team are trying to do a grand job with LAM, relying on donations and ballroom events. Thank goodness for LAM action and other similar organisations such the McMillan trust etc

I am missing my French event in Tours next weekend. Not feeling well enough to face the train journey with the country in disarray. It is the same in France, where prices are rising and care is suffering. I have a bad feeling about what is going on in France at the moment.

Anyway good luck my dear Penny.🤞💕

I hope to go out today.. I am starting the morning with more blood tests, can’t eat and of course this morning I am up early and starving, dreaming of 🥐 and coffee ☕️!!

But those days are over, back to plain porridge and skimmed milk no fat no sugar and no chocolate 🍫 I have one month to straighten my cholesterol levels or I go on statins, one more pill with more side effects!! I put it down to the rising amount of steroids I have had to take due to the operations.

Anyway can’t hold that magnifying glass any longer.

Lots of love

Fran xx

Yatzy in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply, Fran, magnifying glass in hand! Poor poor you but at least it should get better soon ❤️ Thinking of you.

I seem to have missed the news on your new diet to avoid statins 😕 Probably one that's good for us all, you'll have to explain sometime, when your eyes are better 👁👁

Do hope your home day goes well 🤞 Speak soon 😵

Lots of love ❤️💜❤️ Penny xx

I don’t watch hospital programmes Fran but fear losing our wonderful NHS to poor management.

It’s Thursday so home for you! Yeah! Lovely to see Aria in the garden.

Take care xxxxx

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Hello Carole,

It was upsetting yes I can understand but I think the BBC does excellent documentaries.

I hope 🤞 Doctor’s decision..I had more blood tests this morning.. my case is packed anyway 😃

Take care xx 😘


Looking like spring here too, sunny ☀️ skies still a bit chilly but a vast improvement on the heavy rain on Good Friday.

I'm going shopping with my daughter next week (it's school holidays here so we're both off) to Westfield and I think I'm going to get a few summery things! Hope I'm not tempting fate! May even look for a pair of sandals

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Just a pale beginning here, pouring this morning but it seems to brighten up. They are announcing temperatures of 16 by the end of the week.

Sandals hey! That’s daring 😉

Have a lovely shopping day at Westfield xx

Good morning Fran, Im afraid i missed your post last night as I was dreaming in the Land of Nod😉. I prefer to stay away from hospital programmes, I spend far too much time in the places as it is😂. I agree the state of the NHS is both frightening and shocking though, it's done such amazing, life changing work for me and it's a crying shame the way it's being managed now.

I have woken to sunshine too today, which is a welcome relief to us all I think, and a reminder of the weather hopefully to come😉. Good luck today going home dear Fran, I bet you're so looking forward to it.

Sorry your dieting, I hope it works for you so you dont have to take more tablets...throw me that fat, sugar and chocolate...I'll 'dispose' of it for you!😉😂

Lots of love for now...x Anne x

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Good morning Anne

No don’t watch yesterday’s episode..Saw it all this morning because with the time difference I fell asleep..Such an excellent programme though I cried..

Swiss chocolate is irresistible..😃

The lung specialist just mailed me after the GP sent the results, he said it is all steroids and he wants to see me within 2 weeks. I have to find the right dosage. Still I’m going to give it a try no sugar in my coffee in a minute, that will be a bitter start lol

Keep well xx


Yatzy in reply to Hidden

Hi Fran. It's sad to be without sugar but I promise you'll get used to it before toooo long! I can't eat sugar any more, it upsets my digestion big time, took me months, if not years, to convince myself, but it works for me now, without too many worries at all.....though I confess to the odd creme egg, and putting up with the consequences!! I drink Green n Blacks cocoa (not hot chocolate) when I need a treat....seems to work fine!! Good luck 🌺❤️🌺 xxx

breatheeasy1 in reply to Hidden

Hi Fran I'm glad to see your specialists are all working together and communicating well...sounds promising😊. I don't think I could live without coffee in my sugar though😉. Have a safe journey home and I hope you get lots of cuddles and love when you get back 😘❤

Good morning Fran, hope you get home safe today. The picture is goregeous and the sunshine outside today. I have been watching the programme and it is quite frightening, in fact this week I heard that some of my local practices cannot recruit new GPs. This is not just a NHS budget problem it is also to do with people not wanting to train and join the profession. This as a knock on effect even for those who want to pay. Private treatment still needs a referral, who knowswhat the future will hold especially as we are living longer. Heres to a speedy recovery for yourself xx

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Good morning Kate 🌷

As you say multiple problems..Not only training but I would add the brain drain..David Grant, the surgeon, was adamant. Still he made the choice to laugh all the way to the bank in the US.

We all know money makes a difference..not that I begrudge people who have those opportunities.

Medical studies are very costly but he seemed like a good man who would have probably stayed in Britain if he felt he was doing a job well worthwhile.

Who knows?

I know that when I went into teaching, it certainly wasn’t for the money, started teaching in Ashford Middlesex as I recall, rushing Bea to the childminder at 6 am, commuting from Surrey, changed trains 3 times to get there and it was so hard in that comprehensive school but I loved every minute of my job and later in different schools for 30 odd years.

Take good care xx


We have a son currently bed blocking in a rehabilitation hospital. He has been having severe hip pain resulting in him falling . 7 weeks ago he fell downstairs overnight. I phoned 999. He was given an x ray which didn't show any break and they wanted to send him home the next day. I said he wasn't safe to keep climbing the stairs. He was transferred for physio. I got 2 quotes for a stair lift but the hospital said his measurements are not suitable for one.he is big and over the last couple of months with me keeping on a low fat diet he has lost 4 stone. He currently gets about in a wheelchair and a frame. 2 nurses have to walk behind him with the wheelchair when using the frame an assessment was made in the house which clearly showed the doorways were too narrow. For a wheelchair . They have now suggested he comes home and lives in his bedroom with carers coming in daily till they sort something out. A social worker is now saying he needs to be found ground floor accommodation and are getting in touch with housing. I just think this should have been started weeks ago. They say he may never regain his ability to walk properly. He is being well looked after though.

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Oh my dear Joyce,

I am glad he is being well looked after.

It must have been such an ordeal, we don’t want to see our children suffer.

Yes so much bureaucracy and poor communication get in the way of efficiency.

Lots of love and courage xx


joyce74 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Fran . I have been and still am really worried about what will happen . Will be glad when they find him somewhere safe for him xx

Hi Fran, This is my Neck of the woods, I go to both these Hospitals in Nottingham. (QE Birmingham) is my Transplant Hospital They are under so much pressure, There are too many people in this Country and those that "Fly In " to have the treatment and should pay for their treatment, DO NOT. Poppy is a Local Girl and at this moment doing well with her Invasive Treatment. Nottingham also has the highest Lung Disease problem out of the whole Country. God knows what will happen to the Next generation of "Lung Disease" Sufferers as there is no "Cure" in sight and seems very little Research for this Generation... I have lived here for only 5 Years after leaving my beloved Spain, not knowing the county I was coming to, In Hind Sight ! , I wish.

There is nothing we can do except to carry on being Strong, Positive and Supportive for each other on our Forum. Live Each day and try and complete the "Bucket List"..Love n Hugs. Carolina XXXX

Love your pic of Aria in the Sun. and do keep strong for the Journey,. Best Wishes to you Hun. XXXX

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Read you Carolina 💖 will write later. Fran xx


Hi Fran hoe you get home safe, love the pic. Take care . Bernadette 😳 xx

I agree there a lot to be desired from hospitals these days. My experience has always been 100% satisfaction despite the pressures they undergo. We do need more doctors nurses and hospitals and pay them an adequate wage. To keep up with the times of increasing population .



The hospitals in the program are QMC Nottingham and Nottingham City Hospital. I had cancer treatment and Bronchiectasis treatment at the City, and Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis treatment at QMC. It's quite shocking to see them struggling so much Happy London. Having said that, I received exemplary treatment at both hospitals. XXXX

I forgot to say what a happy cat in your garden. As you say the good weather suits us all especially Aria.


Love the picture Fran and glad that you are going home today, feel quite excited for you. I love coming home no matter where I have been. And the weather here in Manchester is glorious, even done a little weeding in the garden, hope the weather is good your end. I didnt watch the hospital programme and from what you have said Im glad I didnt. The cut backs are ridiculous when you think they will pay a private hospital much more to do the same operations. Aaaah no sense in the goverment, no matter which party is in power. I have decided to bury my head in the sand until there is something I can do to change things, until that time I will be happy to just ignore things as much as I can. Happy homecoming. Irene x

It all started to go down the drain when they got rid of the matrons and brought in useless fat cats on high salaries.

I have seen some dreadful incompetence in the years I was in the NHS

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