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Odd bouts of breathlessness

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Hi all, anyone else get random bouts of breathlessness? I'm sat at my desk in work and one creeped up on me from nowhere, yet I walked half a mile to the bus stop with no issues this morning.

Seems to be quite regular when I'm sitting doing paperwork, then obviously I start thinking about it and it gets word in my head πŸ€’.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's hunger as I will not eaten today yet, shall send a minion for a nice sandwich me thinks.

Have a good day everyone and stay as well as you can πŸ‘

14 Replies
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Pete gets that sometimes but no idea why. Hope you have a good lunch. Xxxx

keith9876 in reply to sassy59

One of life's little mysteries I guess, ended up with sausage rolls, where lovely.

sassy59 in reply to keith9876

Very nice too. Xxx πŸ˜€

Could it be your posture? Hunching over and/or restricting the chest can have an impact on breathing.

keith9876 in reply to mrsmummy

Quite possible, I might move my paperwork to a higher bench and stand to see if that helps at all.

mrsmummy in reply to keith9876

Worth a try. :)


They say that standing is better for your health than sitting any way Keith. :-)

Well been stood up for a good while and there's a massive improvement. Had to pile a load of boxes up to do my work πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

petchar in reply to keith9876

no good sitting if you've got a pile

Hi...... Has the weather started to change in your area....for me

When rain is on the way and the air pressure drops I start gasping.......


keith9876 in reply to Buzzytruk

The sun's been out here, quite shocking to wake up to it the last couple of mornings.

Yep, happens to me if I sit to long or after eating. I get up & walk around. I walk around a lot in fact we have a walking group on facebook for people who have COPD & have a Fitbit, we set step challenges up to encourage each other to move more facebook.com/groups/1587237... We can only add people who have a Fitbit as we set the challenges via the Fitbit xx

Sadly I don't indulge in Facebook. I do walk a lot on a daily basis in work, not as much as I did 5 months ago but still a fair few miles and up and down a large flight of stairs several times a day as that's how I get my cuppas lol

I get that a lot lately and I think it's because I've been hold my breath, without realising it. xx

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