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Hospital helicopter!


For Swiss picture lovers!

Saw it land from my hospital room!

Started my 5 days antibiotics this evening.

Got my results..cortisol was extremely low 17.2 when the minimum is supposed to be a 100 fasting first thing in the morning according to the lab note, those ops drained me but I will recover as we usually do.

Glad to go home on Thursday and see Bea and Aria!

Anyway I am going to listen to Juventus-Real on the radio. Compromise!!

Thinking of all of you. Keep well and thank you so much for the kind support.

Fran xx

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Great photo Fran, you sound as if things are going ok. I do hope so and not long till Thursday. Bea and Aria will be so pleased to see you.

Wishing you well as always. Xxx 👍💖💕😘

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Yes Carole, knowing Im going home is making me feel better already!

Thank you my dear friend 😘💓

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i knew you would snap that helicopter eventually Happy. enjoy your compromise tonight,my money is on Juventus,literally so you may have to treat me to lunch when you get home if i lose............Love and best wishes Skis and scruffs xx

Blooming heck 1-0 to Madrid already :(

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Hahaha took R 3 mns xx


Oh I thought they where taking you home in style Fran but never mind a train or bus is much more scenic xxx Hope your soon taking those lovely pics again xxxx

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It’s a promise 🌸💕🌷🎈❤️

Hi Fran, great picture😊. I'm glad you've a date for going home and things are looking positive for you. Fingers crossed for you for that match🙏. Lots of love xxx

Glad to hear you're feeling better and looking forward to going home. Take it easy. Great shot of the helicopter!

Glad you have a leaving ,date take care xx

Good morning Fran, glad to hear you are recooperating well. Take care don't rush things and you will soon be back to your best with full sight again too. Nice picture you sent to the site. Keep well and hope you are soon safely home again being pampered with home cooking. xx

Good luck Fran x

Yet another interesting photo! I hope the antibiotics have started working. It’s nearly Thursday - one day closer to Bea, Aria and new glasses!

Good News Fran, going Home to a warm and Loving family. Upwards and Onwards (ok not in the Wirlybird), but you know what I mean. I hope your sight improves immensely , and of course your general well being as best it can.

Love N Hugs.. Carolina XXXXX


Hi Fran so pleased you will soon be home. Wishing you well take care Majt 🙋 😙 🍫 🍬 🍓 🍒 X

Hope your ok, won't be long before your home x x

Wonderful photo bringing a little bit of Swiss life to us all. Great news that you will be going home. Recovery at home I feel is much easier with all the comforts and of course the company of Bea and Aria. Get well soon XXX

Get well soon Fran, great picture xx

As a Swiss picture lover and helicopter fan, I’m very impressed, Fran! 🚁 Thank you 💕

Glad to hear you’ll be home with Bea and Aria on fact tomorrow now! Not long at all. Hope your eyes, lungs and sinuses will be much better soon. Home is best!!

Good that you’re back with us again too.

Love 🌼 ❤️ 🌼 💙 🌼 💜 Penny xx