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Hi I have recently been diagnosed with Cops, after a year of chest infections. I was given

2 inhalers and seemed to be on the mend. Now three weeks later I have a violent sore throat and the top of my chest is full of mucus which never moves and I have trouble breathing.. it takes all my strength, I am usually so fit. Zumba, walking, exercising with weights. I eat a good diet, take vitamin D,and C. I don't smoke,never have. Should I go back to my GO or will he think I'm fussing over nothing?


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Definitely see your GP and you are not making a fuss about nothing. No doctor shouhd think that. Let us know how you get on. Xxxxxxx

Triciaxx in reply to sassy59

Thanks so much for replying, it means a lot.


I would also advise you go back to your doctor. Welcome to the forum. :)

Hi Tricia , Sorry your down .. bad news takes a while to pick yourself up from..

..do you mean COPD when you say COPS?

Hi Antmara, yes my bad typing, I do mean COPD, I was so out of it this morning I didn’t check my post properly. Thanks for your reply.


Antmara in reply to Triciaxx

What bad luck Tricia for someone who was so healthy ..,and after only a year on medication .. have you had all the tests to prove you have COPD ? X

How long have you've been coughing ?

Hope u get well soon

Ive been feeling sick for the past 6 months also non stop coughing but now i feel better except. For the tickles in my throat.

Hi I have been coughing on and off since Christmas it goes away then comes back with out warning.

Hello Trish, and welcome to our forum. No you are not making a fuss, everyone here knows all about breathing problems and different forms of lung diseases, so we can understand how you are feeling. Especially worrying when you just discover that you have COPD and living such an active and healthy life, you are thinking why did I get this, plus I have never smoked it's just not fair. I do feel for you. However Trish, You definitely need to go back to your G.P and take his/her advice. Once you get use to the illness that you have, then you can move on. We are all here for you, so you are alone. Please let us know how you get on? 🌹

Stumpy55 in reply to Stumpy55

I meant to say you are not alone. Sorry. 🙂

Thank you so much. I didn’t realise there were further tests for this. The doctor just said you have COPD and to see a nurse in 1 month I cannot get an appointment yet but I keep trying!

Robin77 in reply to Triciaxx

I think you should insist on seeing a doctor. Don't think you're fussing at all. Personally I worry more now about all the times I didn't fuss enough. 😊

Hi Trish, You are probably going through a grieving period for your old self, it is natural. Fact 20% of COPD sufferers are like you and never smoked, and no, it is not fair, it's not fair on any of us. Hang in there, there is a fair bit to learn and as @ Stumpy has said "getting used to it" but once you have, you will be fine, still short of breath but fine.

You already have a very major quality on your side, with fighting back, you are used to exercising and being active. Exercise really is the key to gaining control over this beast of a disease. I am 68 this year and I have severe COPD and lead a, more or less, normal lifestyle, I even work full-time still. I achieve this with exercising and by being active.

Go back to your GP, it is obvious your symptoms are not under control. Insist on being referred to a consultant, a specialist in lung diseases. GPs are not specialists, mine openly admits that he cannot help me, he knows very little about it. My consultants dictate the class of medicines to be prescribed to me, to my GP.

Get referred to Pulmonary Rehabilitation a 50/50 course of tailored exercises and education about how to manage the disease and it's symptoms.

This is just a blip you are going through, we have all gone through this stage (whether they admit it or not :) ) Chin up, I promise, it does get easier.

Triciaxx in reply to 2greys

Thank you for your comments. I am waiting to see a specialist nurse so I hope to learn more from her.


Hope they can help.

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