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Up Date on recovery


since Thursday of last week my husband hospitalisation for breathing problem he is on 15ltr but now he he gasping for breath, he is on morphine. it does not look like he is going to recover please pray.

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Very sadly asfaan_abs' husband passed away last night, so I am stopping replies to this post.

Please see healthunlocked.com/blf/post...

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I am so very sorry you are both in my thoughts

Take Care


Thinking of you both.

Such a very difficult time,so will be thinking of you. X

Wishing you both strength and courage during this difficult time..........Skis and Scruffy x

So very Sorry for you Both, I'm wishing so hard for your Husband to pull through. Bless you Both .xxx

Keeping you both in my prayers.

You are in my thoughts . I hope you are receiving some support yourself to help you get through what must be a very worrying time.


It's lovely for your husband that you're with him. Thinking of you both.

Thinking of you both. Xxx

I am so sorry to hear this. Such a shame that the stem cell treatment didn't help him. Sending thoughts and prayers.

Sending prayers to you both xx Sharon

Hello Asfaan-abs, so very sorry to hear this news about your hubby. You must be so stressed bless you both. I will pray for you both. I hope he will recover. 🌹🙏

Thinking of you and your both in my prayers, god bless you both xxxx

So sorry 🙏 xx

My dear, dear asfaan_abs . I am so dreadfully sorry. Please know you are in my thoughts and the thoughts of many of us here.


Sending love.

Cas xx 🌹

Thinking of you both, asfaan_abs, and praying your husband will be able to pull through xx

So sorry to hear this sending love, strength and hugs your way

Betsy Rose


My thoughts are with you, x

Sorry you are having such a tough time. You will both be in my thoughts today. Sending hugs.

Thoughts and prayers are with you, such a difficult time for you been both.

Wishing you every strength...love and hugs for you both...xxx

Thinking of you

Praying for you both. Blessings, M.

Thinking of you both at this difficult time.

Im so sorry for both of you .You will be in my thoughts .💔

Dear Asfaan, I have been following your posts and have been thinking of you and your dear husband. I am so sorry that you are going through this stressful and worrying time. Big hug from me.


Thinking of you both x x

You are both in my prayers xx


So sorry to hear this why isn't there anything else that can be done in this day and age hope your hubby gets better makes me so mad we are all going through this and little or no help why!!!!

Sending you both strong thoughts, love and prayers. Jean X.

Bless you both. Praying for you. Big hugs xxxx

My thoughts are with you both, I wish there was more I could say. You are lucky to have each other.

You are in my thoughts. God bless xx

Sending prayers for you both. x

I am so sorry to hear this. I am praying.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both. God bless, Sheila xx

Such a sad message. May God be with you

love and prayers go out to you xxxx

Sending you both all my prayers, God Bless xx

It’s a good day bad day process, hopefully little by little he’ll have more good days then bad. 😊❤️😢

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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