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Not a very happy Easter for me


Back in A&E

So fed up of being in and out of hospital all the time

Don't know what else to say other please can i have some support because I am getting so annoyed at my asthma my quality of life is going down the drain every time I try and plan to go somewhere like London for example

I end up in hospital

HATE HATE this disease

Sorry for the rant just so so so fed up of it

I know mines not the worst but it's heading that way


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I don’t know what to say but hang in there for better days 🙏 I’ve been short of breath for other reasons and yes it gets annoying

Erin001 in reply to Donkster

How do you cope with the bad days

My better days are shrinking so need to learn how to cope with the bad ones

Donkster in reply to Erin001

I watched a tv program the other week it was about a guy without arms and legs can you imagine living that way with a teary eye I decided that my troubles weren’t so bad

Erin001 in reply to Donkster

I know my troubles aren't that bad that's why I always feel guilty for moaning but I didn't know what/where else to go for a bit of support

Donkster in reply to Erin001

I’m the same I do find this app good for information anyway it’s only human nature to moan 👍

Sorry I know it frustrating but hopefully you’re be better soon

elanaoali in reply to Donkster

This guy is a christian and he is one of the most inspiration people I know. Counting your blessing and looking at what you do have. However it ok to say when you are struggling and to get help.

So very sorry sweetheart that you feel this way. I do understand what you are saying though. My youngest daughter was in the same position that you find yourself in at this stage of your life, albeit a different disease. It prevented her from taking part in different activities at college and Uni and a normal social life but eventually overcame it. I think you will too because you know what you want as did she. It's all about determination and because of that you have to fight for what is best for you all the way!

The fact that you have come on to this site and asked for support means to me, that you really want to help yourself. In this life you have to shout the loudest for what is best for you, you have to be your own advocate!

I Wish You All The Very Best!

Don't feel bad Erin, it's wearing you down and you have every right to feel so disheartened.

I hope, getting how down your feeling off your chest, makes you feel a little lighter and recharges your batteries, so to speak.

I hope your soon on the mend and back home xx

Hello Erin001 .

It really is just so awful sometimes. It's so easy to get worn down, physically and emotionally. We live with our illness and learn to appreciate those good days and somehow get through those bad ones and you've survived 100% of your bad days so far. That is very good news indeed. Just remember there is always going to be a totally horrible time. And then , it gets better.

Hang in there.

Cas xx 🍀

Don’t be sorry about ranting Erin, we are here to listen and offer support.

I do hope your asthma can be better controlled so that your quality of life improves. Don’t let it beat you. Take care xxxxx

I should have been there last week, I knew how poorly I was, but being Stubborn, told Hubby I will ride this out...Never again...Your in the Best Place, so keep calm and let them make you Better, Anxiety will make you feel worse. Plan ahead for when your better. I can't plan any travelling far away as I'm on the Transplant list. Be Strong & Positive Hun......Love n Hugs, Carolina XXXX

GerH in reply to Hacienda

Good luck to you with all your health problems, that seems like sound advice you've given, Happy Easter xx

As my doctor told me a couple of weeks ago, anxiety tends to affect anyone with a chronic disease. Most of us at some time will feel that they shouldn't complain because others are worse off, but we don't know what struggles they have gone through, or indeed what support they have, to reach their apparent equanimity. I hope you get your health problems controlled soon, but it is not easy to deal with the time it takes. I got very friendly with the cardiologist I used to see, and he once told me, teasingly, that my trouble is that I had my heart surgery so long ago and as I was still alive they didn't know what to do with me! Now I have moved the new cardiologist agrees! Talk to someone about your anxiety, and then perhaps you might actually make those outings. From one anxious person to another, good luck xx

You rant away it does you good to let it out......your going through a bad patch at the moment but hopefully it will get better, just hang in there summers on the way, this cold damp air doesn't help.

Take care xxxx

I'm so sorry. I hope they can help you.

So sorry to hear this. Its such a difficult disease. I wish I could give some advice, but can only empathise I'm afraid. I do try to stay positive, as I'm sure you do, but wen I have a bad exacerbation the positivity flies out the window! Hope you feel better soon & get your smile back xx

Thx to all for all your support I got home at about 5 in the morning I was just in A&E being observed after a nebuliser given by paramedics I felt fine just fed up because I've been ill on and off since October but since the start of February I've had 5 asthma attacks that have either sent me to hospital or at least required an ambulance and nebulisers and all my plans have gone wrong so I was just fed up so I needed to let out my thoughts and feelings so thank you for giving me support.

I was a little wheezy this morning and I'm tired from being up so late but I'm okay at the moment I will keep you posted if you wish to know

Sorry you are feeling worse at the moment, not helped that it's Easter and you see other people enjoying it. Mind you it's wet, wet WET !...Lol so try not to feel too bad. I joined on here last week. Worried about health as 2nd time I've had pleurisy. I have coughed on and off for months, few years ago was put on in-halers for asthma which seemed to go away ?! Antibiotics not got rid of this so back to g.p ( though it has improved re pain.) I need to try to find out why I keep getting inflammation ( optic nerves also at present). All these things seem to take time to sort. Sad that you've had asthma problems so much. Hope things improve soon and you have some nice patients there to chat with xx


🤞🧚‍♀️🌷🌸✨💕 sending love and support your way

Fran xx

Back in A&E again wonder what's gonna happen

Hidden in reply to Erin001

So sorry Erin 💐

You have a good old moan if you want to. Sometimes we all need one to stay sain. This site is great for support, always a friendly ear. Hope you feeling better soon. 🤗🤗🤗💖

Thinking of u xx

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