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Cough that just keeps coming back!


Hello, I had a cold which was followed by a chest infection last aug which lasted 2 months then again this Jan which lasted about a month. I have had anti bs, steroids, new inhalers, chest xrays and blood samples taken but nothing was found. I now have yet another cold and another chesty cough. Any idea's why I just can't shift this?

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Hi, megolodon. I had a cold for two months in November and December, and then another burst over March. The first session I tried to push through it and did everything I normally do. I also used lots of cough suppressants when I was out demonstrating singing for health sessions. The March cold I lay down and slept for much of two days to give my body the chance to deal with it, and hardly took any cough meds at all, and the cold was gone in a week.

Do you have an existing lung condition? It's difficult to comment without knowing that.

megolodon in reply to Claudine

I have asthma

Can't help you then, sorry. I don't know anything about asthma.

Hello megolodon .

I don't have asthma , but in general us lung condition patients are generally more prone to catching infections. And the more infections we can, the more it can trigger our lung conditions. A bit of a vicious circle. It really is difficult, but trying prevention, is probably the best way to try and tackle the problem. Easier said than done. I do understand. 😑

I try my best to avoid crowds and if I have to be in a crowded place, I wear a mask. Washing my hands A LOT and anti bacterial wipes are a must especially when out and about. Getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet, and staying clear of people who may be sick is important. I never miss my flu shot. Airing out my house once a day and letting in the fresh air seems to help me lots, yes in winter too. Any computer, phone or tablet gets a wipe down with wipes and I never share towels.

I know this all sounds paranoid and I hate to sound like a know it all, but so far it's kept me going. I'm sorry it's been so hard for you. I hope the warmer weather will help you feel a lot better.

Take good care,

Cas xx 💐

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