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7 weeks after surgery, still pressure head


Things were slowly getting better after my sinus surgery but I've still got headaches and pressure, it is better and it only really starts in the afternoon or evening.

I saw the ENT Thursday evening and he popped his camera up there and said it look very good, definitely no infection and it's 80% healed. So I guess the pressure should go soon.

I'm going back in 4 weeks for another look, hopefully will be healed by then. If there's still scar tissue left he'll get it out, just needs anaesthetic spray up my nose.

But the headaches and pressure is getting me down, it is better than it was but been going on for so long now and makes me so tired. Just can't wait for a day where I don't feel,pressure in my head!

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Hi Im sorry you still feel rough, you've been so brave and positive through it all. It's great that everything looked good at your last check up, I really hope the pressure starts to ease for you and you start to feel better. Sending you gentle hugs and good wishes x

Nearly there, Shancock, must be better soon. Presume you’ve been given some stronger painkillers than OTC for now, if not ask, ask, ask. It’s surprising what these med folks have tucked up their sleeves! I’ve had to put my foot down with a firm hand for the muscle spasm I’m troubled greatly with at the mo...but three days on from a minor showdown at the GPs and life is better. Good luck, you’ve had a lot to cope with. 💕 Penny xx

Shancock in reply to Yatzy

Thanks but all I can take is paracetamol, I'm allergic to codeine and can't take ibruprofen due to my stomach. I don't like strong pain killers as I don't like the strange feeling you get from them and tiredness. I'd rather cope and deal with pain myself, I know that sounds crazy! Even wen I had my kids I only took the gas and air!

It will get better in time, it better do! Really it's the tiredness that's annoying every night I'm in bed when my son goes to bed. Im exhausted!

GerH in reply to Shancock

Not sure, but I always feel that sinus infections never really seem to go away. I have post- nasal drip as-well and think that may be contributing to the pleurisy I have at the moment. I have always felt, you improve a bit and carry on, but I constantly feel as though my body is fighting infection, maybe that in itself is very tiring? , G.

Yes, paracetamol only a bit limiting. I can't take ibuprofen- an asthma trigger for me, but I'm ok with codeine though not keen on taking it. But anything rather than constant pain. All the best, Shancock. Fatigue takes some shaking off after a general anaesthetic, I know. 💕

Have you tried saline spray and daily antihistamine? I know you commented on not wanting to take strong painkillers. But has your Dr suggested a short course of steroids, they s helped me a great deal with my sinus problem.

Shancock in reply to inhaler1

I sinus rinse twice a day and use Sterimar midday too. If when I next see him it's still not right I'll ask about other things. But am hoping it'll slowly ease off. I suppose it's as it's not clear yet and there's still some crusting to go.


It takes a while to settle down, I remember when Mum had the op, hot compresses will help you relieve the pain and pressure.

Take care x

Hi shanock hope it passes quickly and your free of the discomfort, what have they actually done to you shanock xx carol

Shancock in reply to carolg1

Straightened the septum and drained the mucus and burnt away the inflammation. It has cleared my head from how awful it was before but I've still got pressure. It can take up to 6 months to totally heal apparently!

Hi there, not sure when you had this done, but think you're brave. I have suffered with sinus problems since about age 11 or so ? Not brave enough to have surgery, hope it improves soon, G.

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