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Chest infection


Well, that caught me out, started with a Head Cold last Monday, by Tuesday 5am, felt the need to call an Ambulance, Hubby soothed me till the feeling of utter despair had left me and started Breathing again, been here before so I knew what to do, NO Hospital, I'll ride it through. Now Friday afternoon and although not near a good recovery, I am desperately in need of a shower, all those meds, all the water, tea, coffee, So, I'll wait till the Morning and rejoice the weekend is here, not that the two S days make any difference with COPD, but it's nice to think Normal and Plan Ahead. PS, I have been contacted to return to Rehab, Hooray, will be 5th April toughen me up for the pending lung reduction procedure at end of April, early May. Thinking if you all as usual, sending love n hugs. Carolina. Xxx❤

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Hello Carolina, sorry to hear you are suffering really badly. I take it you were struggling to breath whilst waiting for an ambulance? It's scary to say the least, I know as I have stage 4 Emphaseama and like you I've been their before like you. But well done for riding it through, it's never easy but since I've been with this forum, I've learnt how to breath properly, the help and advice has done me proud. How are you coping in general Carolina? I wish you good luck at rehab🤞 please let us know how you get on ? 🌹

Hacienda in reply to Stumpy55

Hi Stumpy,

Thanks for your lovely words. I am (I hope) nearly coming to the end of the infection, another 2 days on Prednisolone, another 3 on Antibiotic. Yes, had to tell myself off and get my positive head on. I am waiting for my call for transplant, in the mean time I will be having Lung Reduction end of April / Early may, Fingers crossed that it is a good interim before Transplant. Lots to do in the Future, so I'm keeping as strong as I can god willing. Yes, this Forum is the Best for giving sympathetic Advise and Generally giving us all the HUG factor. I do my Breathing Ex's, and being on Oxygen is not a solution but it helps and I need it. In General I am Positive and try to achieve my best, I waer a Pedometer to record steps for BLF, even though on a good day it would only be about 2.500 steps, it all adds up for them for their "Steps to the Moon" This week not been in a good place to wear it, so will resume on Monday. You Take care Stumpy55 , sending Love n Hugs xxxx Carolina XXX

Stumpy55 in reply to Hacienda

Thankyou, you take care as well. I hope everything you aim for is within reach from this day forward. God Bless 🌹

I hope you feel lots better very soon Carolina. Wishing you well. Xxx 😘

Hacienda in reply to sassy59

Thank you Guy's, getting there now xxxx

Pobre Amiga Carolina, eres mejor ahora i thought you were firing on all 4 cylinders now you throw a sicky,get well soon my dear..........skis and scruffs xx

Hacienda in reply to skischool

Muy Buenas me Amigos, I do try, as Hubby says I'm very Trying!!!. Well you know what this dam condition can do, it can change in the blink of an eye. I am normally very wary and always have a mask with me, but so many Air Born Bugs about these days. So Ive had almost a week of this excasabation. Hope it's gone by Monday. Then off to exercise class and start all over with Rehab 5th April. Muy Buenas Noches Skis y Scruffita. Besos , pasar bien estar final Semana. Xxx

Hello Carolina.

I'm sorry you haven't been well. But so glad that you get together to rehab. A day at a time. Sending hugs and love. xx 🌹

Hacienda in reply to Caspiana

Thank you Cas, Yes, day at a time. Love n hugs also xxxx

Hi Carolina it's scary when lungs deteriorate that fast I know. I hope things are improving for you now and you're feeling better. Enjoy that rehab class. Que te sientes mejor pronto ❤

Gracia's Carino. Besos xxx

Hi i hope you are feeling ok and on the mend .Im waiting for a LVR op can i ask how long you had to wait before you got an admittance date ? .best wishes Barbara x

Hi Barbara, welcome to the forum. I have been on Transplant list for almost 2 years, have had COPD got about 8/9 Yeats, initially it was Bronchiestese. My Consultant advised me in 2013that there is not a place to enhance my lung capacity, hence I was not offered reduction at that time, to date:After lots of exercise routines &4 Rehab programmes I was able to show on my last CT Scan that I now could go ahead for reduction with Valves. The dates have been slotted in by my Consultant pre my pending Appointment with her. I stay on the Transplant List regardless. The procedure ,if it works well can last for 2 years, if all is OK, they can ReDo the same valve procedure. I hope you hear soon Barbara. I was told the "Summer Months" Are the only time they would plan to Operate to reduce any risk of infection. Good Luck Hun. Carolina xxx

Well done for riding this out without hospital visit - very brave if you x

Hacienda in reply to Dedalus

Thanks Hun, I must be mad, 🙄but feeling lots better now. Hope it doesn't come back. Love n hugs xxxxx

Glad you saw it out Hacienda. And good luck at the Rehab. H

What a story glad you made it. Good luck with rehab .


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