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Im paranoid so much :(


hello guys good day. okay so my cough started last october 27 2017 it started with an heachache,runny nose and chills for 1 day and after that my cough never stop , november 30 i had a check up and xray the impression was pneumonia so the doctor gave me antibiotics for 7 days and other medicines for cough and throat ,there was a relief but it came back, december 12 i went to another doctor he gave me antibiotics for 5 days and other med for cough and phlegm there was a relief but the cough is still there so he gave me diffrent set of medicines and antibiotcs again, dec 30 went to a diffrent doctor againi had an xray and he said its asthma and pneumonia so he gave me antibiotics for 5 days,steroid and lots of inhalers 4x a day for 1 week and another 6x a days for another 1 week but the cough is still there.. so last feb 8 i went to a pulmonologist i had and xray again he said i have asthma and pneumonitis so antibiotics again for 10 days,inahaler spriva,montekulast although there was a relief but the cough wont go away and asked him why the cough wont go away he said maybe because of the weather..i waited for 1 month and still the cough is still there so i decided to look for another pulmonologist and i had an xray twice he said asthma but he said i need to have another xray for the next 6 months because he sees a blur thing on my upper right lungs.he gave me inhalers 2 a days ,steroids for 5 days and montelukast for maintenance ,,there was a relief at first but the cough still comes back and im so frustrated,,my throat sometimes feels so dry ,sometimes i have hoarsness,there's a time that i starts as a tickle and i start to cough but theres a time that no tickle but still coughing ..and i dont experience the usual asthma symtoms like wheezing ,shorntess of breath . JUST COUGH only and a ,sometimes my back hurts like someone is pressing it and starts coughing again and i always feel light headed and i always feel so tired so hopeless and im so paranoid that this cough is something so paranoid.. ;(

I never smoke

I dont drink

My cough doesn't bother me when lying or sleeping...

Im paranoid i have lung cancer. Im. Only 22

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Hi as was noted in the replies to your first posting. If you are really worried you need to have a CT scan to check everything out. Yes it might be expensive but really how much do you value your well being. I understand your predicament I work in Saudi Arabia and have daily interface with a lot of Filipino people here. You are young and have been doing what you can by seeing the doctors and getting second and third opinions. My Pulmonary doctor is Filipino and I have found her to be excellent as are many of the Filipino doctors and nurses here. You need to sort out the cough but not being a medical professional I cannot really tell you what to do or diagnose it.

I know that there is a lot of water and air pollution in the Philippines so maybe you need to look at that as a cause of your cough. The chemical and industrial pollution may be giving your an allergic reaction in your throat hence the cough. but again only a medical professional can advise and diagnose.

aeparcs in reply to andyrrc

Thanks for the response sir.. Im ust worried all the time.. 3 doctor already told me it was an asthma..And getting ct scan is really expensive .yeah the pollution here is way too much.i remember the time when i dont feel this sick before,When i travel the downtown i usually. Dont cover my nose or wear any mask.. Its just frustrating and tiring..

andyrrc in reply to aeparcs

The first thing you need to do as it is the easiest thing is to wear a mask that way if it is the pollution then you will reduce the amount and possibly reduce the cough. Remember you do not cough at night when you are in a closed environment hence less nasty stuff in the air. Just a suggestion.

aeparcs in reply to andyrrc

Yes sir andy.. I always wear mask now when i go outside :)

Hello aeparcs

Sorry to hear you have all these problems with your health. Please try not to let your mind think the worst (not easy I know).

I don’t know what your medical system is like in your country aeparcs but a ct scan will give you a defininte diagnosis.

Wishing you the best.

Love cx

aeparcs in reply to cofdrop-UK

Hello! Good day.. I had a follow. Up check up with my pulmonologist yesterday he said getting a ct scan is not advisable cause its expensive here in the Philippines and he said that he had a patient before that went through ct scan but her tb didn't show up thru ct scan and he told me to relax cause this is not a life threatening condition and all i need is to be monitored becaude Everything is fine except of this cough and he even told me that he has a lot of patient with even longer chronic cough thann me.. And maybe im allergic or had post nasal drip ..hoping for the best.. And Thanks for the response 💕

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