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Preventer inhaler


My doctor has just prescribed this new preventer called Eklira Genuair. I am still weaning off prednisolone and wondered if safe to take preventer at same time as finishing prednisolone. I think it should be ok? I forgot to ask my doctor, but i think he would have said? I need the preventer as i am worried my chest will tighten once prednisolone stop. If anyone knows, thank you.

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The usual advice is to continue to take your inhalers as normal whilst taking rescue meds. You are correct if there was an issue your GP would have told you and as a second line of safety, so would the pharmacist too.

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Thank you for your reply. I feel i need to use the preventer now to get it in my system. Just have 2 days left of 10mg prednisolone.

I take both preventer and oral steroids, but for reassurance could you ring your pharmacist today.

Best wishes

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Yes, i think i will ask the pharmacist. It’s a new inhaler i’ve not heard of so i am a bit more concerned. Don’t want any more problems, fed up of feeling like this, but feel bit guilty as i know there are so many people far worse off than me.

Eklira Genuair (aclidinium bromide) was the second inhaled long-acting anticholinergic to be licensed for the maintenance treatment of COPD, On the 3 September 2012.

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Thank you. I’d not heard of it. Hope it suits me. Ive had 2 other different ones that caused a rash and breathing no better.

I currently take both Elmira Genuair and prednisone (just starting taper for prednisolone). Have had no probs x

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Oh, ok thank you. Reassuring.

Hi Hun. I too have this inhaler it actually replaced Spiritiver that made my mouth like Cardboard. Like My Symbicort I take it twice a day, it is easy to use not so difficult on inhaling with the gun mechanism. Have a lovely weekend Sheepdog.

Carolina XXX

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Thank you, i’m in Wales at the mo, its snowing.! Hope your weekend good too. I love the snow, but chest doesnt!

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Same here Hun, Snow and Sun in Nottingham, I'm not going out at all. stay safe, and have a good time , weather permitting xxx

I have been on Eklira Genuair for years and from time to time have used it with steroids - hope that helps

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Thank you. Yes, i’m hoping this one will suit me.

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