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I have received a letter from the housing association informing me that my house has suspected asbestos. All this time the consultant has be asking if my home could have asbestos!! So it is possible this has contributed to my ILD.

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I'm not sure but I thought asbestos was only dangerous when being removed. It's quite common for older houses to have asbestos in them as it is with lead paint too. It's only when it's being removed that it can be dangerous I think and that's when a specialist will do the removal. That's what I thought but look online and maybe see what others say.



Have they indicated the type and location of the asbestos. The majority of housing associations homes will have Artex on the ceilings which contains white asbestos.

The other location will be airing cupboards or hot water tank cupboards. This may be blue or brown although more dangerous, would have most likely to be painted.

Unless damage there is little risk.

You need more clarity if it as been mentioned by your consultant.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, they sent a list of places - and instructed we put it near the kitchen sink for future workers to keep them safe.


Also, thanks for the in-depth info.


When I worked in places like schools and the telephone exchange, all 60s buildings, we were instructed not to put nails or tacks in the walls because of the asbestos in them.

Its frightening to think I may have contributed to my condition by using Artex on the walls in the 1970s.

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Thank you for your reply. I think this has some relevance to my ILD. I am going to do some research on the houses.


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