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Hi, I was diagnosed with Copd & Emphysema in 2014, I had emergency surgery to remove part of my right lung, and spent a few weeks in hospital on various drugs. I am also on the lung transplant list.

Since 2014 I have been ok, still working and I was swimming 5 times a week. But at the end of Jan I caught a cold/flu bug that became a chest infection, and after 3 lots of antibiotics and steroids, this brought my O2 stats down to 50%. I was taken to hospital and treated for 7 days by IV antibiotics. I am now home, but still have a very chesty cough and coughing up yellowish mucus. Is there anything I can take, a certain type of antibiotic that might help clear my chest?

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Twisty, please see your Doctor asap ! You almost certainly need a strong antibiotic to kick the infection. I have Levofloxacin 500 mg in my emergency supplies, along with the prednisone. My Pulmonologist believes in killing it early on, before it can become an all out exacerbation . Please let me know how you fare. Best Wishes, judg69


Good morning twisty. Sorry you not well but the doctor needs to help you with different antibiotics. Everybody has a different reaction to the many types of medication. I have found the best for me are clarithromyacin. Take care. Jane

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