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Well OUR UK 🇬🇧 GOVERNMENT Are Pressing Ahead With Dergulation Of HSAW Act & Control Of Asbestos Act 2012

Well OUR UK 🇬🇧 GOVERNMENT Are Pressing Ahead With Dergulation Of HSAW Act & Control Of Asbestos Act 2012

Shocking really how sneaky government are with the deregulation of laws that protect us.


Perhaps BLF could state our case better as I have Throat issues so raely get heard.

Considering it’s consultatiin I don’t think H&S have asked unions or organisations like blf for there opinions COZ I know the not asked me.

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Very sneaky JAS. Hope something can be done. Take care. Xxx

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The thinking if they deregulate given austerity half of problems will vanish and be no funding crisis.

Am sure seem that thinking in action AND even I know it will not work JUST burden other services that can’t cope as are.

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Well it does not directly affect any govt members and if it did they go private.maggie tha cher started this open market



The medical to receive a license for the removal of asbestos consided of a x-ray and spirometer test. Carried out by a private GP at a cost to the employer.

The x-ray was discontinued several years ago, as the risk where greater than the value. X-rays can not detect a Asbestos fibre. The condition would be well advanced before detection.

Having a Spirometer test every three years will make little difference to the employees.

A Spirometer test would be a poor choice for detecting a Asbestos related lung disease as the period between contamination and developing a lung condition is longer than two or three year.

I have plural plaque, from exposure in the 60s, working in the motor trade. Not detected till the 90s

My last employment was the removal of Asbestos, over 12 years I removed thousands of tons of every possible conceivable type of Asbestos.

The Spirometer was more of a fit to work test considering the types of mask we had to where.


Hi stone its not just that was quite few links.

They say going to start inporting asbestos products also H&S office is stoping inspections.

The was a time when demolition contractors needed licance to use rock crushers on demolition sites given asbestos acm material and to comply with enviromental protection policy THAT was droped in 2016 also droped provision where buliders was responsible when walking past building sites.

This is link should used in post




We are in the process of having an extension added to my daughters bungalow, last week whilst the piling was being done asbestos was found under the old extension which had been removed by our builders. Work was stopped a sample had to be taken and analysed as to what type of asbestos, a specialist removal firm had to be employed who removed the said material which we assume had been dumped there about 1968 when the extension was built. All of this cost us a three day delay in building and a cost of about five thousand pounds. Our builder was responsible and would not allow his men on site until sorted.


Within the context of the"Brexit" political scene the removal of overarching and European safeguards under law will result in the free market deregulation climate, a free for all, with health and safety, as you point out Jeff, a casualty. Northern Ireland and Scotland did not vote for separation from Europe, so semantically the withdrawal label should really be titled WExit negotiations.



That’s worrying a lot of us I think, Terry


Can i just say in a street near us flytippers tip building and house hold rubnish.it takes lcc weeks 2 remove this is both unacceptable and health hassard.where is our useleess mp

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