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COPD Newby

My biggest concern is an oxygen saturation level in the 70’s while I sleep. It is normal while I am awake. I have just started oxygen therapy while sleeping. Would losing a significant amount of weight help? I am 6’ 2” and weigh 252 pounds, so I qualify as obese; but I routinely walk 3.5 miles with no problem. I am 65 and want to live as active life as I can for 15+ years.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I think weight can be a consideration when looking at overnight oxygen levels. Perhaps you could have a chat with your GP?


Hi Mrs mummy, how can you tell what your oxygen levels are when your sleeping ? Thanks


They can use something to monitor and record them. It is a finger pulse oximeter but is linked to a machine which is left on whilst you sleep.


Oh right I’m on oxygen through the nite but mine hasn’t been monitored through the night just blood and walk tests etc so was just wondering I’d like to know what it’s like because I hate sleeping with it lol xx


Yes, being overweight can make the problem worse. It would help you in a lot of ways to lose some weight, gradually rather than a crash course diet. If your weight is constant at the moment, you just need to drop 250 kcals a day to lose about 13lbs a year. That would be dropping a couple of packets of crisps, or 3 biscuits, or a smaller meat portion at each meal, or changing to sweeteners in your tea. All the best.

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