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Asbestos: The lies that killed

Asbestos, now banned in the EU, kills up to 4,000 people a year in the UK alone. In this exclusive report, Ed Howker reveals how the industry hid the truth for decades and why the death toll will certainly continue to rise.

There are nearly one million documents on microfiche sitting in the office of the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School academic Geoffrey Tweedale. They expose a scandal that ranks among the biggest and costliest of our age: how the Lancashire manufacturing giant Turner & Newall (T&N), once the world's largest asbestos conglomerate, exposed millions to a lethal carcinogen in full knowledge of its dangers, using PR firms and politicians to hide a truth that it had secretly admitted to in 1961, namely that "the only really safe number of asbestos fibres in the works environment is nil".


Clearly given what was known about dangers of asbestos rock crusher ACM material debris processing and use of fire where asbestos is SOME think laws don't apply.

This is how manchester city council education department demolished ASBESTOS ACM high school in breach of ASBESTOS & FIRES also use of rock crushers with out environmental protection permits H&S over sight.

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Well done Jeff.i hope ur well.

I'm on the night shift again,my dog banged the front of his head,got disorientated.think he had a sort of concusion.I knew there was something very wrong.he lost use of back legs and didn't react to any thing.rang my son who rushed over from other side of city.

we rang the out of hours vet.long story short.he has been sedated and pain killing injection.he is 11 now.we decided its best 4 him 2 stay in son's room as his bed is nearer 2 floor.basically he will be ok.but I will stay up cos he clings 2 me when he is scared.hopefully he will be a bit better in the morning.Hope all is well with you.x

documentary on tele in the back ground about wish you were here.the Pink Floyd album.think I must be only person who has never listened to it all the way through.I'm going 2 catch up with todays posts.


Hi am surviving might even be tad better than your dog is GLAD is ok.

I dont think concusion that bad NOCKED myself out few times

Lung issues infection THAT why i wear wooly hat NOW its just how i don't nock my teeth out now.

Sounds like well looked after PINK FLOYED think i might be missing something there.

Anyway you sound or read like ya tad better.

Cant beat post catch up tho good for your soul NOT sure about breathing tho


Thx Jeff.i'm trying 2 catch my breathe now.not asthma its anxiety I can tell the difference.

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Just have to try relax Shoulders Back and sat straight NO scrunching up or legs crossed :)

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yes.i was scrunched over laptop.posture is important with lungsx


Defo agree there don’t want out falling off lol


Makes shocking reading JAS and the fact that asbestos was used and left in place for decades is even worse. How many have lost their lives over the years? We will never know.

You take care and best wishes to you and your dad. Xxxx


Hi sassy Cape Turner Newall was full of dirty tricks and still are in India 🇮🇳

To look 👀 at how uk 🇬🇧 plants operated guess we can look over there AS clearly lessons still not been learnt

I wondered how they intist the young Asbestos workers just starting out in life like my dad and guy in video.

Guess I found my answer IS shame how most just wanted to save for mariges do what was right.

It’s shame employers never felt same.


Excellent post Jeff. The rush to denial and the conspiracy of finance, the law and sheer greed is put above people's lives and well-being. I will get Geoffrey Tweeddale's "Magic Mineral to Killer Dust" and have just read the New Statesman article. As a retired teacher who worked in a school in Scotland where asbestos lined classrooms were demolished finally, I am left wondering if I might have been exposed to asbestos.



Hi terry is scandalous YET asbestos suffers still have to go above beyond HOW why when Turner Newall admitted there is no save leavel when it comes to asbestos.

I to use to work at high school bosses said asbestos had been removed and that was so so untrue.

School floor tiles was all rotted to cloth cord and cleaners use to use sweeping brushes KIDS would throw cruberling tiles at each other and round class rooms.

Managers never told me tiles was asbestos nor was they ever removed coverd over.

What kids was throwing about and dust cleaners was sweeping up was croclidite asbestos.

But holding authority to account WELL you never get anyware.

Was talking to guy from authority and as soon as I asked about tiles rock crusher permits WELL have not spoken to him since.

But when I worked at school he was one who did asbestos survey BUT he never told me that’s what he was doing.

Do rember when he was looking into roof voids steel works he did say he would not like to work there.

Here is interesting read hindawi.com/journals/ad/201...

Given my thout issues I thought modular aspergillosis even SLE but think it’s like post says given my own antibody issues chronic inflammation.

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I think all of us have,however brief.and if somebody worked in building trade ect- other jobs.none of us will get 2 know in our lifetimes.


I guess it’s all down to odds and how rank places are AS that is beyond our control.

I know when I went to work I had faith belived I would not come into harm.

It’s just as shame I had to much faith perhaps I should of asked made point of finding out BUT when your working generally your to busy and trust what managers bosses say.

As to redress WELL I had them fail to disclose H&S book said they had lost it.

Also later found out that it’s not ileagle not to disclose BUT is not to have have one WELL unless it’s bern lost then it’s ok not to have one.

So NOW anything happens you have to get photo copy of entry in any H&S Book signed by office staff time date and keep copy your self.

All that from local authority SO anti public behaviour ANYWAY I was not agreeved as used time sheets COUNCIL never seen that one coming.

It’s disgrace how they used your taxes to obstruct device the public EVEN very undemocratic

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Well found Jeff. Sheila x

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