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Sudden Breathlessness no cough ???

Hi, I'm 44, female, last night I suddenly had a bout of breathlessness which lasted until I got my daughter to go fetch inhalers from my mum which was approximately 3/4 of an hour, I have asthma tho have never really experienced an asthma attack, today I am still quite breathless was on n off but as day goes on its becoming quite heavy and I'm having continuously use inhalers, I have not very much of a cough but feel there is quite a bit of greenish/grey mucus when I do cough but I am having to instigate the cough myself in order to try clear my airways, is this likely to be asthma ?

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Hi Jojo, I can't answer your question myself as I don't have Asthma, but if you ring the BLF free Helpline on 03000 030 555 one of their nurses might be able to help. available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. Failing that, contact your GP.


Greenish/grey mucus may mean some infection. Do check with your doctor and/or get to the hospital if your breathing is too bad.


Thanks, I'm going go doctors on Monday probably should have went yesterday tbh, thank you x


Hi jojo, I have had similar symptoms for 3 weeks now, I've been hospital twice and doctors 4 times. I've not had asthma, not that I know of anyway....

The hospital suspect asthma, and they found a virus via a swab of my throat. Not sure of the significance.... but anyway, after a course of antibiotics, 2 inhalers and a 3rd course of prednisolone steroid, it's better than it was... but still not 100%.

So to answer your question.... it could be asthma flaring up after a virus/due to the cold. You should go to see your gp, for a professional opinion though.

Take care



I think it may be infection going to see doc Monday, thanks x

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Hi Jojo

As our friends said get help asap..

Getting inhalers from your Mum must be difficult haven’t you been given your own meds??

Sounds like a chest infection because of green flegm go to A&E if you haven’t got a GP appointment by now.

Take care x


If you're feeling like this you really should see a doctor. Everybody is different but I've realised I'm not good at all at distinguishing asthma from infections. Always best to have it checked.


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