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Worst Vacation ever

Good day all, its been a while since I post anything but I have been struggling with problems that came about on vacation.

Here's the overall picture..

While driving to Florida from Michigan while passing through Georgia I developed severe pain in my lower stomach . Went to an emergency room and ended up having to have Emergency Gall Bladder Removal, during the surgery a blood clot in my leg broke loose causing a pulmonary embolism, after 10 days in hospital finally left Georgia so weak standing was very hard walking was harder still glad to be out of hospital so we continued to Florida.

Unfortunately 3 days later had to go to a Florida Emergency room and was diagnosed with pneumonia in my right lung.

This is something I really could have done without as I have severe Copd.

Its been about 2 months since the operation and about a month from getting out of hospital for pneumonia and I am still Struggling with SOB after walking just a few steps. Seems like I have improvement one then day then pay for it the next.

Trying not to be sitting around as I know being sedentary is not good for recovery but I have no idea if I'm getting better or not. Or if I ever will,,,

The doctors here just say it'll take a while cause you've been through a lot.

I just don't understand why I do well one day then do worse the next few days or longer.

To tell you the truth I have no idea what I'm asking here.

I'm scared, not sure what to expect. Frustrated and well mostly uncertain.

Any advise exercise suggestions or anything would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry about the long post. Thank You

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Welcome back soup, you have certainly had a hard time lately so no wonder you are feeling poorly. Pneumonia takes some time to get over and everyone is different.

Be kind to yourself and take things easy. Try and move around as much as possible and eat a balanced diet.

No need to apologise for a long post as you needed to say a lot. This is a good forum with caring people so do come back and tell us how things go.

Take care xxxxx


Thank you sassy.. I agree my wife keeps saying I need patience.. I wish I could buy them someplace cause I never have had enough of them. lol

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Thinking of you.

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thank you kitten..


Having had Pneumonia twice I would say, that alone would take about three months to recover from. On top of that you have had Gall Bladder and a PE no wonder you feel tired with no energy. The temptation to do more on a good day can often lead to a relapse the next it did for me. I would ask your Gp or respiratory team if you can attend a Pulmonary Rehab course. This will help you to regain your fitness and also will give you an understanding of your condition. You will get better give yourself time.

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Hi Clematis.. If I look at all that's happened it really hasn't been long enough to for me to be complaining. Ive not thought about a relapse thank you for that point, I really need to consider that possibility. I'm still in Florida and Ive asked the doctor here for a Pulmonary Rehab somewhere he said the waiting list is long anywhere within traveling distance. I have contacted my Doctors at home and ask for a pulmonary rehab opening when i get back

I appreciate your post, I really hadn't thought about a relapse.. I will now.

Thank You clematis


Hello soup1955 .

I know exactly what you mean. For every step forward I seem to take three back at times. I've just learned to accept it I think. And every time I manage the step forward I rejoice and revel in it. I try and think of the three steps back as recuperation for my next joyful step forward. I hope I am making sense. To quote Robert Gerus "Any day above ground is a good day.”

I hope you are recuperating in anticipation for your next bounce forward. 😊


Cas xx 🌷🌞


Hi Caspiana.. You have no idea how good knowing I'm not alone going backward every few days makes me feel, NOT that I want anyone else to suffer along side of me, its just been so damn confusing, Ive been thinking I'm doing something wrong.

Your idea of recuperating after a good day is a great mindset to get into,, Thank You for that.

You've made perfect sense to me and I appreciate the heck out of it... so will my wife, lol

Yes... Any Day above ground is a good one..

Thanks again for your reply

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That is such a positive way of looking at things. I am definitely going to say that to my husband when he gets frustrated with his lack of progress.




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