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Snow in the Forest of Dean (love it)❄️


We visited our local forest in the Forest of Dean. I could only manage 1/2 an hour and that was on the flat with oxygen.I have always loved snow. This is the 1st year I haven’t made a snowman , or a snow angel in the snow. Usually my lads would help. But they are now 32, 31 and 28 years old with their own families, life is a little different. Also they live an hour away . The commute wasn’t possible.

Hope to go out again tomorrow and see what snow is left, then out for lunch.❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️☃️☃️☃️☃️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️.

If I build a snowman I will take a pic 😂😂😂

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I used to love the snow( still do), but cant go out in it too much now because of copd. ( my mother was born and bred in forest of dean, what a beautiful place, i spent many a happy holiday there).

Great photo Titchykath and glad you are enjoying the snow. We have none left at all now but fun for some while it lasted.

Stay well and warm. Xxxxx

Hi great picture! I don't think you're ever too old to enjoy the snow... Definitely send us a picture of that snowman if you build it...our snow was 'the wrong kind of snow' according to the weather experts..😂And it's all been rained away now😭

Keep warm and have a great evening xx

It’s been raining here so I think the snow may have melted , we only live 5 mins away from the edge of the forest so fingers crossed 😀 blanket on legs , so shouldn’t get toooo cold. keep warm and toasty too xx

Wow I bet its beautiful there though unforgiving in the winter! Watch out for The Great Thaw next and all the mud😂💦! Keep those blankets on for now, and the bedsocks under the wellies...Take care xx

Lydney is on flood alert off out now to seek out snow ❄️ or floods 😂😂, good job hubby has a 4x4, with winter tyres on 😂😂😂. Not long we had floods, it reached 12inches in our cellar and we couldn’t get into our garden. Luckily we have 8 steps to our back door , it didn’t get into the house😳.

Sounds like youre practised at this then and well prepared! 12 inches is high though..Take care xx

Hello Titchykath . What a lovely picture!!! I must confess I don't love snow, but you do look happy in it, even though it's knee deep. 😱 When my girls were little they loved playing in the snow. Now they grumble about it, like their mother. I hope you had a lovely lunch. xx 🌹

I use to live in the city of bristol, we didn’t have snow very often, so I think that’s why I like it so much even as a child. When my lads were little we would always go out and sledge down the snowy hill. But it only happened a few years, probably one out of every three years⛄️⛄️

We live on the southern edge of the Forest of Dean. The snow made the Forest look magic, but mostly gone now.

Went back and snow is mainly slush, except deep inside where the sun cant get to it. Streams are running faster and lakes starting to thaw. No pics this time. The sun is shining.

Good news because I am on ESA I can have my storage heaters updated almost free of charge. £3,500.00 it would have cost but only have to pay £201.00😀 .via the government scheme. So today is a sunny day. I will let you know if they are more efficient than the ones they are taking out😀🤞xx

Can i ask are storage heaters warm and ate they dear 2 i nowhave a posh thing that tells me how much i spend a day on gas electric.thx

in reply to reiver

They do give out good heat, but this is only our 2nd year of bills and haven’t had the final winter one in yet. The 1st year was reasonable, but the 2nd year they put the direct debit up. This is the reason we looked at changing the heaters for updated ones. They reckon we will save 75% 😂 we will see 😂

If looks like you are in a magical winters Forest!! Just beautiful....enjoy!!


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