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Breathing and feeling unwell

I have been unwell since December 2017. I was diagnosed with plurisy at the hospital as I had really shallow breathing and could hardly walk due to not being able to breath and get air past my lungs. Pains in my chest and back...

It's march now and I'm still unable to go any where due to me becoming extremely tired and also my breathing changes as I can't seem to fully breath or yawn. I had a course of doxycycline tablets and this didn't seem to do anything. I've been back to the hospital and they checked my blood and air through test on finger, checked my breathing with a stethoscope and said I was all ok.

I'm extremely depressed and feel like ending my life as I can't get rid of what's inside me. Soon as I try to go outside for a while I'm back in bed for over 3/4 days Justin trying to get back to what I call easier breathing.

My doctor has tested me the same as the hospital and the ambulance people do the same tests and all say nothing wrong with me.

Do I need to see a specialist lung doctor as I can't recover and my partners giving up on me and is becoming unwell with the stress of my condition.

Sometime I just wish my lungs would give up as I would not be suffering with this.

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So sorry you are feeling like this. I understand the despair and still go through it myself. You need to find a doctor who will listen to you and give you reassurance. I know for sure that stress is a big factor in how we feel, and worrying about whats wrong with us and getting into panics just makes everything worse. Try stay calm, dont give up. You have lots of friends on here, and always someone will talk to you. Do breathing exercises, deep if you can. Concentrating on deep breathing helps, and even when short of breath exercise helps. Breathe out through pursed lips, this makes it easier. I wish you all the best, do go to doctor, and i hope you get happily sorted.🙂



Thanks for the reply.

I can breathe in for a full lung full...it's the avioloi or the air sacks I'm sure that are causing this issue with my breathing. Perhaps I should've had a scan which would have been more detailed instead of a cell damaging X-ray which doesn't give the finer details.

I'm sure the snow cold weathers not helping my lungs.

Harvard did a study on doctors and found that doctors interrupt the patient within 30/45 seconds not allowing the patient to advise what the issues are.

I need to change doctors as I've seen all three at the Seeger and they all tend to read the same notes just before I enter the NHS surgery. Cost cutting action...not like it used to be back in the 80s.


Thats very true. The NHS is very worrying now. We don’t seem to get the answers we really need. We wait and wait. Certainly this dreadful weather isnt helping at the moment. Lets hope it gets better soon. Severe cold is no good at all when you have chest problems. I hope you find a doctor you’re happy with, and request a ct scan which is safer and more accurate. Take care,


Hello Proteusdave, i'm so very sorry to hear your not very well and it makes you feel even worse when doctors do their tests and because all your sats are up then that's it nothing wrong. Poor you, it's awful when your having those dreadful breathing problems, I know exactly how you feel. I know how low you are feeling but please think before doing anything stupid. When I can't breath properly I panic and my husband panics with me, and then after a while as I calm down I start to do my breathing exercises and he's doing it with me. I forget that it's hard for him to. But since I found this amazing forum it's given me a whole new outlook. Please try to look on the positive side of life and remember we are all here for you and care what happens to you. Plus we know how you feel. Take time out to think my friend, life isnt really that bad is it? ✋️😊


Why thanks for the support. It's much appreciated. I found an article on YouTube about the possibilities of using red ginseng as a cure for pneumonia. I have ordered pure root so this should be here when the snow clears. I have also heard butterfly weed may help clear infections.

Previous to going down with this I visited Holland where there may have been a different air or the compressor air used in the aeroplanes may have compromised my lungs or immune system. Many different nationalities all in a very populated area maybe wasn't good for me, plus it was so much wetter and colder than England.


Oh my dear, I feel so sorry you are going through such pain and sorrow..

Of course you must see a respiratory specialist. Get all the help you can.

Phone the BLF helpline for guidance as well.

This has been an especially bad winter for many but you will pull through.

I have been where you are winter 2015/2016, it took winter and spring to improve but I did.

Thinking of you x


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Try these pearls of wisdom which I meditate in the morning, it is not so bad after a while..convincing.

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I have been listening to this guy.

Also a cure from pneumonia was found in rats who were given red ginseng.


Dear Proteusdave,I feel very sorry for you,I know what your going through as I am going through as I am going through the same,I had pneumonia in January and I am still not feeling well,I have been a few times to the walk in center,I can sense the doctors have no interest,I finally got to see my own doctor yesterday,as I told him I feel very depressed as I feel like banging my head on the wall as I feel so alone and no doctor has any interest,he told me my X-ray results have come now found I have a infection on my right lung,so he will write a letter to the lung specialist,I don't really have any one,I thank God, that I have faith in God , that's the thing that is keeping me going.


I'm living with a person who no longer wants to care for me and is fed up with doing stuff for me. God isn't enough and doesn't exist in my world. The relationship has broken down and I have nowhere to go and I can't even go out or move out as I'm so unwell, but fit by the so called doctors who work by a script. And just want to make money at the till.


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