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Glowing Molecule Can Reveal Live Tuberculosis Bacteria.

A new technique may one day allow fast, simple detection of the bacterium that causes TB, as well as a way to monitor whether drugs are working. A molecule made in the lab may change the way tuberculosis is diagnosed in the field. Chemically tweaking a sugar molecule known as trehalose lets it slip inside the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB) and glow. The method offers a quick, simple way to detect the pernicious bug, and may help counter TB, a deadly lung infection that’s particularly common in developing countries.

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An important discovery, and will be useful in this country too as cases of diseases of poverty such as TB are increasing.

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Hi 2greys,

This throws some light on the matter!!!!! Ha ha .Seriously these developments will surely help in the recovery of suffering people in the long term. Thank you for the info. you certainly come up with some amazing stuff.


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2greys, I think, could be wrong. All diseases that have a connection to lungs can help get to a cure for all lung diseases.



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