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Incruz Ellipta Inhaler


I've just been prescribed an Incruz Ellipta inhaler as a replacement for the Spivra inhaler. I always got on well with the spivra so am nervous of trying this new one. Has anybody else tried the Incruz and if so were there any side effects?

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I will be interested if people let you know about any side effect. Im on Forstair and just been given Incruse Ellipta to take as well. im guessing that is the one you mean. Good luck to you. Jill

I've been using Incruse for 6 months. No side effects.

I have been on incruse for six months together with relvar and my consultant says these are enabling me to lead a 'normal' life although I have severe copd. No side effects for me I hope you find it helps you. x

Hi gillygirl1. I too have been changed from Spiriva and Seretide to Incruse and Relvar. Personally, I don't think they are as good. They're supposed to last 24 hours, but I find I'm needing an extra neb by mid- afternoon and then having to rely on my bedtime neb instead of another puff of Seretide. I wouldn't say I'm struggling with the changes though. Another thing; the oral thrush has worsened somewhat, and although quite sore, it's a small price to pay for for being able to breathe a bit better.

About 2 years ago my husband who has severe emphysema had his Spiriva changed to Incruse Ellipta following advice from a registrar at his hospital appointment. This was because she felt there was an asthma component in his condition because of one of his test results. He did not get on with it however so asked to change back to Spiriva which he has continued to use. It's down to individual conditions. Some people on here seem to find Incruse very effective so I'd say try it and see how you get on for a couple of months.

Best wishes


After 6 years on spiriva and seratide my inhalers were changed to incruse Ellipta and Relvar Ellipta about 5 months ago. They suit me and haven't noticed any side effects. Haven't had to use Ventolin as much . We are all different and hope they suit you too.

I have been on incruse Elliot’s and relearn ellipta for a few months now just remember to swill mouth out because incruse is got steroid in it but feel better for it hope this helps you

I was changed over to Incruse and Relvar over a year ago and found my breathing improved. xx Moy

Most important point for me about the change from earlier inhalers to Ellipta, is that since changing I have had NO exacerbations

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