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Asked to advise others about treatment concerns as a lung cancer patient

Hi everyone kittiecat here has anyone had a email about asking if you could attend a london hospital to give advice on being a lung cancer patient the thing is i have stage 3 empyhsemia and unless my lung consultant decided i had enough on my plate as to keep that bit of news from me i believe request to be a advisior legit does that mean the cancer has been kept from me 😢

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It is more likely a scam. Consultants have to abide by patient confidentiality rules the same as your GP or any other NHS staff. You can always check by finding their "real" number and give them a call, do not use a number from that email.


Thankyou i just ignored it so annoyed by it though emphysemia enough of anyone hope u well

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I had the same email but didn't think it was aimed at me 'personally'. I thought it was an appeal or invitation to anyone who had had lung cancer to take part in (I think it was) a research program. Reasonable expenses were to be refunded so I suppose if account details were required for refunds to be made, it could have been a scam but I got the impression that it was a genuine request for survivors of lung cancer to take part in a study. Didn't apply to me so it was deleted.


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