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Bronchiectasis and pain in my lungs

Not too familiar with all the symptoms of bronchiectasis yet but I have kind of a dull achey pain in my lung ( predominantly my right lung.) It's almost like a cramp that comes on. The only thing that relieves it is something cold like cold milk or cold water. Does anybody else have any of these strange phenomenon happening to them?

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Hi Lindy

I know about the lung pain, it's a constant reminder of my bronchiectasis, though the cold milk is a new one to me. Still, if it works for you then good luck. Coughing and sputum production are other signs of BE Lindy, so if you want to research more about the story and condition of BE then I can recommend Living With Bronchiectasis, free from Chest, Heart and Stroke, Scotland, the Bible for all us bronchiectasis fighters.



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Thank you so much Terry.

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