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Turner Newall Trust Fund

Well It’s all going on SO thought would do update on how things are going or not with my dad and he’s Alzheimer’s Dementia Asbestos Mesothelioma thingy claim.

We’ll solicitor seen proof my dad worked for tuners newhall EVEN he’s p45 was coverd in Asbestos.

Guess THATs why tax record messed up with dates.

Anyway apparently turners trust fund the solicitor said you have to have had worked at turners for at least 6 months ?

Not a problem for my dad as was there under year.

Well is a problem IF you know what I mean.

I never new asbestos dieases work like that BUT guess your safe for six months.

Yet I have not read anything like that myself on trust website.

Well my dad went for other CT Scan so waiting to see what that as turned up.

Cancer & Waiting seem to be commen grumble BUT have been reading up and even tho my dad’s to sick for all drugs AM sure one could be isolated.

So when see doc that be my questions ALSO think am developing hospital phobia.

Picture is of my dad when he worked at turners asbestos cement.

I look at it AND think IF I would of been around then and knew and knew what I know NOW i would of told him fair hair people should not BE working with toxis dangerous stuff.

Needless to say if anyone recognised my dad from Trafford park turners newall cement ltd Manchester or worked there 1968 / 70 myself or solicitor would be intrested to hear from you.

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I do hope you get somewhere with it all JAS on behalf of your dad. Great photo.

I can’t see how anyone would be safe for 6 months though but what do I know.

Take care xxxx

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Hi sassy cheers and defo agree about six month thingy.

Blf might have to reprint all stuff they have

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Hi JAS, and OMG its unreal to say,only after 6 months working with a asbestos, will it come back and cause such terrible illnesses. Glad you are someone who does their own bit of private investigating and you seem to know far more because of it. A lesser person may have given up at the 2nd/3rd hurdle. Not surprised a touch of hospital phobia is creeping in. I mean what else could be thrown your way? You've had to deal with so much already. Your posts are always interesting so I'm certain you'll be telling us about any further news!

Hope Dad and yourself had an enjoyable,quiet weekend.


Hi SquirrelsHolt is strage rule CLEARLY given how rotten place was had high turnover of staff they poisoned WHY else would you have silly rule.

Clearly they knew then AND today what they are was doing.

Dads still eating crisp trying to rember what he as forgot.

I said to solicitor last person we new who worked there longer than my dad died in 50's and later on ABOUT 2 years he's wife did too.

Guess thats what silly rule is about AS those there longer be all dead and those that did not stay get nout.

Guess my dads lucky BUT i dout it very much really

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What handsome chap your Dad was Jeff. Thank goodness he has you to fight for him. I'm wishing you all the luck in the world with your latest battle. Considering you haven't got great health yourself you certainly stand up for him. Take care, Sheila x

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Hi Cheers Thanks my dad’s spent best years of Is life looking out for me STILL try’s.

But is better of enojoying his crisp now :)


Oh Bless you Jeff, that's a lovely way of thinking of how your Dad looked out for you. Take care, Sheila x

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Good luck with your claim against the company who damaged your Dads lungs. If he has been diagnosed with a lung CA asbestos would be the most likely cause but the company and its insurance agents will prolong your claim with denials and counter arguments as to the cause. Keep going and get as much information as you can.Dad is able to get access to his NHS records and they will exist right back to the time he was working. Your solicitor will help with this or a pressure group who take up your case.

I worked on an elderly mental health team for a lot of years and have not heard of asbestosis as a cause of alzheimer's. Check with your dad,s doctor the diagnosis of the type of dementia, it may be one related to chemical exposure in which case follow the claim path with vigor. Do not get disappointed, whoever represents the company will do their best to disprove what I am sure could be a valid claim..The time taken is unlikely to be of benefit to your dad and they know that .

Good luck and keep us posted .


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Hi thanks for reply according to solicitor we not going up personal injury route.

Be with trust and Iidb by all accounts be expedited claim

But do agree even then you have to jump threw hoops NOT that simple when you have Alzheimer’s Dementia.

So my dad even tho worked there can’t really remember.

As far as asbestosis don’t think dad’s got that as was not there years LOOKs like mesothelioma

He had scan Friday to see how far cancer as advanced SO guess we might get call this week.

Had look at my dad’s blood under microscope 🔬 myself and even tho not expert IT don’t look like mine under microscope.

Defo agree about asbestos not causing Alzheimer’s Dementia MY dad’s suffer of mesothelioma who also as dementia Alzheimer’s

All confusing really.

Usually AM thinking given he’s Alzheimer’s Dementia a dx of Asbestos Mesothelioma would of slipped by way side and catergrised as none descript lung cancer.

Clearly would not of benefited my dad IF I had not pulled Doctor about it.


Many thanks it looks as though your going on the right road. Good luck ,will think of you.. I have COPD through smoking I wonder if tobacco company will shell out.. I am 83 so no complaint but everything seems to catch up,prostate cancer all ok oncologist says something else will get me, the worst one is meniere's disease constant tinnitus and head out of balance walk like i am drunk and deaf in one ear and other on its way out. My wife and I have a chorus 'all together what we going to do ,just keep going'.

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Hi I don’t think your doing to bad really.

Some days I think all be lucky if I see 50 way my throats been so have to make hay wile sun shines.

I had tinatus once and was like fire 🔥 Bell 🛎 in my ear.

Have my every sympathy


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