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Hi , my name is celine and i am very confused, any advice would be welcome ๐Ÿ™

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I was told on Thursday that i had damaged lungs and given a purple circle pump so i ask if i had copd to which gp relpy no say more emeaphze (sorry my spelling is so bad ) and that was that no follow ups nothing just that , could anyone sheded some light as i type in google and copd comes up ,i have try to stop smoking to which have smoke 4 fags since firday a habit i will now beat ๐Ÿ˜€

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Hello Celine39. Your doctor should have explained that emphysema and chronic bronchitis have similar methods of treatment and so are grouped together under the term 'COPD' because both of them are Chronic (long-term) Obstructive (obstruction) Pulmonary (lungs) Disease. So you have been diagnosed with emphysema which is a part of COPD. Does that make sense? If he hasn't referred you to a consultant then ask if he will. If he refuses then insist. In general few GPs have the expert knowledge required to manage such lung diseases. Try not to worry. Just about everyone here went through the same type of panic when first diagnosed and then they come here, learn more about their condition and can manage it quite well. Welcome to the forum. :)

Celine39 in reply to mrsmummy

Thank you for taking time to respond, i dont really know what stage or anything ,just your lungs are damaged they wont heal heres seretide 500 , everything seem happend so fast ,! I google emphysema to which to my horror life expectancies 5 years ,! I feel has I smoked that it was my own fault maybe wont get help untill i beat habbit , to which vapering is making the whole giving up so much easier thank you for advice x

mrsmummy in reply to Celine39

I Googled the 5 years too. That was 15 years ago and I am still here! :)

Celine39 in reply to mrsmummy

Its worrying ๐Ÿ™


COPD is a umbrella term for emphysema damage to the Aveoli resulting in poor gas exchange and air trapping. And chronic bronchitis inflammation of the airways resulting in overproduction of mucus. You can have a element of both. Smoking is a primary cause, so stopping is a priority to slow the progression. Pulmonary rehabilitation is a One hour exercise one hour education ask your GP for a referral. There are lots of aerosol sprays, and household products that can trigger a uncontrollable breathing episode.if it makes you gasp or takes your away, itโ€™s likely to be or become a trigger.

Have you be told what stage?

Celine39 in reply to stone-UK

No I really dont know much apart from my lungs are damaged, thank you for advice ๐Ÿ˜€

Good luck with the smoking,thatโ€™s the first thing you need to do if you can๐Ÿคž

Thank you ๐Ÿ™

We all like to believe that our GP's will always work in our best interests but the reality is SOMETIMES they don't, not for any malicious reason but often because of a lack of knowledge and understanding!

I assume the purple inhaler is Fostair (which is not usually given out like Smarties) which suggests that there is an issue with your lungs.

As others say, go back to the GP and demand more information and appointment with a consultant - nothing will make you better but good advice, well prescribed medication and education (a PR - Pulmonary Rehabilitation, course) will help you manage the condition.

Best wishes

Celine39 in reply to y_not

Thank you ๐Ÿ™

Hi there, welcome to the forum. Your GP does need to explain this better but most GPs don't. You are doing well cutting down on cigarettes. Quitting should be your main aim and best wishes with that. Other thing you need to do is go back to GP and ask for a referral to a respiratory consultant, this may take a while to come through, until then you will need to rely on your GP and inhaler. If the inhaler does not help go back to GP as it can take sometime to find the best suited for you personally. BLF have lots of information leaflets on such things as, quitting smoking, healthy diet, exercises ect so worth asking for them. It is a chronic illness that has to be managed by yourself and doctors, it can remain stable for a long time with proper care but unfortunately it has no cure only symptom control treatment. At first it is a shock to most people, but hopefully you will given time learn how to treat it with the best results for you. Take care and ask questions even if only on this site.

Celine39 in reply to katieoxo60

Thank you ๐Ÿ™

If you have a respiratory nurse you should see them. Mine is wonderful

Celine39 in reply to panda22

I have a respiratory nurse but feel judge my her and all she said to me was that smoking was my enemie , just rang my gp to ask if they could give me more information on what to do nexts and what stage the emphysema is , to which was told thereโ€™s nothing that she can see that sheโ€™s booked me in for dr to call me in morning so hopefully i have the answers then , fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž

Hi Celine, sounds like COPD to me. Because most Lung deseases come under that heading. N yes, uyou must pack up Smoking. I did when diagnosed 14 years ago. Use an e-cig when I really need too. The bigger ones around 35 quid are best. Honestly, give it a go. Good luck

Celine39 in reply to Dubba61

Thank u , yes i know i have to give up smoking and was doing well , i use to smoke 20 to 30 fags a day but since finding out about lungs i have smoked less then 10 since firday but know thats not good enough and need to stop all together i have a vaper but was a cheap one as i didnt have much money , i will buy a better one went i get paid , i know its now or never dont even know why i reach for fags today its not like i have enjoy one puff has made me feel ill , but hey not gonna beat myself up over it , just gonna try again , i think i just thought i got lung disease gonna die but reading all the post on here has made me feel much better and with abit of work on my side of things i can live for many years to come , god bless you for all advice ๐Ÿ™

Dubba61 in reply to Celine39

Thats right! keep your chin up Girl. You CAN do it!

Get a good vape (e-cig) set-up and you'll not miss the fags. There are loads of vaping forums on the 'net and they'll be only too happy to give you advice. I smoked a pack a day for 60 years and stopped overnight - that was 8 years ago and I am healthier and far better off financially. If I can do it anyone can - I tried all the gums, patches, even hypnotism and failed but the e-cig was magic. Good luck.

Dubba61 in reply to Dragonmum

oh! just like me. feels soo good to have kicked the habit. dont it?

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