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Oxygen and asthma

I have asthma Year round because of allergies. This time last year it seemed really bad. Went to Dr and put on oxygen because I failed 6 min walk test. Later I had a cat scan which showed mild Bronchieactesis. After 4 months I was able to come off oxygen because my PFT's and walk test was much better. My question is has anybody ever been put on oxygen just for the asthma? The other problem was very mild. I didn't think asthma caused your oxygen to drop off.

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I think it was a combination of things in your case. Bronchospasm in asthma can cause hypoxia. If your mild Bronchieactesis caused Bronchospasm then perhaps your Doctor thought the safest course was oxygen therapy until your Bronchieactesis cleared with would at that point reduce your asthma symptoms and then no need for oxygen. Something you should have discussed with him/her.


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