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Full lung function test results

Full lung function test results


So i have been to the hospital today and had my full lung function test. The technician wouldn't give me my full results but I badgered him for my FEV1 and FVC numbers and he gave them to me. I was told I have a FEV1 of 2.4ltr and a FVC or 2.63.

The results are playing on my mind a bit, so I entered in an online calculator and it tells me my FEV1 is on the low scale at 59%.

This weekend I did a 12 mile walk with friends again, and did this with no problems. My sats range anywhere between 96% and 99%.

Can someone please give me an idea from the image I have attached, how bad my situation is? At what FEV1 do you start to use O2 and/or nebulizers?

I am just so scared what the future holds for me and my family.



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From your results, you are in a good place. There is no set rule for if and when you may require oxygen therapy. We are all affected differently. Nebuliser are usually saline solution for assisting the removal of excessive mucus. Are you Emphysema or Bronchitis?

Concentrate more on the your lifestyle, avoiding any smoke environments, take notice of any triggers, if it takes your breath away or makes you gasp its moist likely to be or become a trigger.

Keep up the exercises, and you will dramatically slow the progression of the Disease. Eat sensible.


Hi Stone,

I am Emphysema as shown on my CT scan. Currently on Braltus inhaler 10mg. Which I take daily.

If I can halt the progression and keep it stable to what I am now, I will be happy. Thats my main goal, and hoping the walking and running I am doing wil help that.

Just scared I guess, having a bad day. Need some reassurance.

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Hello ggeorgiou .

I just want to back up what Stone has said. It is best to continue to work on your fitness levels (within reason) and keep up a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I know it's difficult not to worry, but worrying too much about what may go wrong will not make anything go right either. Slightly hypocritical of me, since I am a woman who sometimes sits up at two am picking her nails. Hahaha 😌

Sending happy vibes.

Cas xx 🌻


You would only need O2 if your sats were below 88% as your organs would not get enough oxygen. Keep up the exercise and eat sensibly.


Can you please check my post and tell me do my results look normal


I understand we can manage ok with one lung (ie 50%) but wouldn't do too well in a marathon run...

Good luck...keep smiling.

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