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I have been diagnosed with mild copd no it’s not affecting me as yet I got diagnosed 2 years ago 1 year after I gave up smoking I was shocked as only went for test as the year I stoped smoking I had a very bad chest infection so stoped then been smoking 40 years and know find myself worried sick can’t sleep with thinking about it on my mind day and night will it progress a lot I have started going to a gym doing pulmonary breathing and so to say driving my husband mad 😡 going on about it should I go back to the nurse and tell her how I feel or just get on with it I know it’s my own fault thanks at least I got that of my chest just a born worrier

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Hi I would guess you are in your 50's? I was diagnosed then and now 10 years later am still mild. Ok no one can predict the outcome of this disease as it is progressive but by not smoking, leading a healthy lifestyle, and looking after your lungs it will be unlikely you will progress quickly.

My doctor told me not to worry about it as something else would get me first ie old age! Most people these days die with copd rather than from it so unless you want to live to 120 I wouldn't worry about it so much.

You have a lot of living to do and a lot of healthy life left. Don't ruin it by letting your diagnosis run your life. Suffering from anxiety and/or depression is very commion with chronic illness so maybe a visit to your doctor will help?

I hope I have reassured you a bit. x


Hi Appydayz ,

The important fact is you have stopped smoking and that normally means you your "Mild COPD" is likely to stay mild much longer.

I am an ex smoker with COPD, and others conditions, but hey I am still here 20 years sinse I was diagnosed with COPD. So not to worry, just keep away from smoking.

As another poster so aptly put it - "More people die with COPD, than from it"

Never dwell on an illness- you may get the odd exacerbation but hey, we all do with COPD and they come and they go..

You say you are worries about "progression" - Well the day you stopped smking was the day, you slowed down the progression of your COPD. Enjoy life and don;t worry...


It's totally natural to worry we all worry about whatever conditions we might have so don't worry about worrying! But not smoking getting exercise eating well and avoiding too much alcohol also taking vitamins D3 and C super important ones will all help you stay on the mild side of things.

Also if someone have a cold/bug etc keep clear of them, don't let them in and don't visit them till they're totally free of it, wash hands always take anti-bac gel with you when you go out. We can try our best to avoI'd viruses and that helps too.

Spring will be with us soon and that makes everything much nicer!

By all means talk to the nurse about your fears it's good to get it all out.


I was diagnosed with moderate emphysema 14 years ago, since then 2 years ago I got the others chronic bronchitis, asthma, bullea now bronchiectasis, and my emphysema has only started to change now with healthy lifestyle you can prolong it. I'm only 45 not fair really!


Thankyou you do seem very positive so young


Hi, i was diagnosed 11 years ago with mild, and still more or less the same , i stopped smoking 5 years ago after 40 years. My doctor prescribed Spiriva inhaler daily and i have a ventolin inhaler when needed. The best thing is you’ve stopped smoking. Try not to worry because getting stressed makes things worse. Eat well, fresh air( but not freezing cold!), drink water, and stay away from people with flu/ colds, as our immune systems are weakened . I wish you all the best, take care and speak to your doctor if you’re really worried.


Hi Appydayz and welcome.

You've had some brilliant replies that you must take on board.

I was diagnosed Jan,2012 and I reacted just like you, terrified.

Don't do what I did, and put yourself through months of mental torture.

Diagnosis, is a teerible shock and some people are hit by it, harder than others.

I had to get help off the Docter and counselling but, it worked.

Lots of people live a normal life span with this disease. xx


Hi I have had lots of good replies thanks to all feel a lot better it’s the not knowing that is a worry


Thankyou for your positive feed back you all seem to have given me back a spark


Much like yourself I was diagnosed with COPD a couple of years ago and like yourself I was in a bit of a panic,found this site,amazing how talking to people who know what it's like to suffer with this makes it easier.

Keep checking here and you'll realise it's not the end of the world..its an adjustment to your lifestyle.

Gym is fine

Diet is fine

I use simple Tai Chi exercises to assist me

Helps your breathing

Helps your joints too,an added bonus.

Hope you can get through this as easily as I did...all thanks to the wonderful people on this site whom I thank from the bottom of my heart and lungs😂


You sound so positive and a good site to be on will take everything on board what people are saying they have been all so kind thankyou all


Hello Appydayz .

It is very natural to be worried. It seems to me however, you are doing EXTREMELY well as you say it's not affecting you much. I would put it down to you taking extra care of yourself like you are doing with your gym sessions and pulmonary exercises. Kudos to you. 😊

Now, it seems to me you are spending a lot of precious time in angst. Please don't. Use this time to do things with your lovely husband. Go places, see things, make memories. For that is what we should be doing whether we are healthy or like us, with chronic illness. Stop telling yourself it was your fault. It really is futile and spoils the present. Do talk to your nurse. Usually just "getting on with it" causes more stress.

Don't let the fear of "what could happen" make "nothing" happen. I am on oxygen with 30% lung function. I am still trying to make things happen.🌷🌸🍀 I suppose that's what life is about.

Sending love and hugs.

Cas xx 🌹



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I just wanna tell you that you sound amazing!!!


Cas is completely amazing :) x

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Hi again Caspiana, my lung function has been 32% at best for around 15yrs!

I'm not on oxygen but not that far from it either...

My oxygen levels are usually 91 - 94%

I too get out and about and do best we can also fly but do accept long haul is on the way out....

Been under Brompton since 2004 and credit them with the fact that lm still here!

Have asthma mod/severe, COPD moderately severe and Bronchiectesis which was diagnosed 2004.

I smoked 40 a day for 20yrs, gave up in 1993 but damage had already been done.

However pneumonia in 2014 tipped me over the balance!

I'm lucky to have a Prof at Royal Brompton and his team to support me.... not sure what would have happened with out them. Do find having horrid infections nowadays though. Stenotrphamonas or hemorrhagic influenza for example....

Do you get unusual infections yourself? Ive never met anyone else who has had these type of infections.

Scary but always recover eventually... 66yrs now but don' like to think of myself as elderly... Have nails done, roots and a few foils for hair and take care with clothes.

Am considering getting a scooter though as can't do as l want, when l want. I was wondering do you use a scooter? You look quite a bit younger than me but l do admire your attitude and experience.

Janice 😊

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Hello Janice. 😊

I am lucky as I do not get many chest infections. I am sorry you get them. I can't imagine how much harder it is to breathe with them. 😢 And yes, sixty six is hardly elderly. You still have many things to enjoy in life Janice. I admire your spirit. When I was younger I was more "en vogue" with my wardrobe. Now I am more for comfort. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis as well so high heels went out the window about ten years ago. I have a minimalistic lifestyle and nowadays prefer simple choices in everything it seems.

I don't use a scooter. But if I go anywhere that requires many hours of standing or walking I often use a wheelchair. Or else I just can't manage.

Hoping you have a lovely weekend.

Cas xx 🌻


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