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Waiting for Diagnosis

I'm new here but found this site as I am so worried, have had a problem with breathlessness for a few years - my 2nd xray shows increased scarring at the bottom of my lungs and my oxygen level is low at 93%. The consultant wants an urgent CT scan, blood tests and bronchoscopy but said it was unlikely to be COPD or cancer (I did smoke, haven't for 15 years). Waiting for the tests, I'm making myself so anxious thinking that its progressive lung disease. Follow up appointment isn't for 2 months. Should I think the worst?

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Why should you think the worst and put yourself under undue stress and anxiety that could make your breathing even worse. I have been under the threat of cancer for the last 20 months, see the consultant after CT scan to be told

"The good news is that the nodules have shrunk, but..... we have found 2 more that we want to keep an eye on"

This has happened to me three times now and had another scan with a follow up consultants appointment tomorrow, yet again.

A good job I have not worried about it all, I would have been a nervous wreck months ago.


Hello Bev

You shouldn’t think the worst, your consultant will find things out and give you the appropriate treatment.

93% is not so bad you know, I survive on 93 too, I walk to the village, I swim, I exercise on the house bike. Pulmonary rehabilitation and physiotherapy helped me to do that. I have 4 inhalers now but I find them helpful.

There is a good leaflet on Breathlessness you can read on the BLF website. It is helpful.

Wishing you well x



Hi, two months to the next appointment sounds like quite good news ... I think I'd worry if they wanted to see me next week! As we get older our results are [usually] worse due to age.

Why not use all the worry energy on getting the lungs as fit as possible? Might that be a better option?

I get it that we naturally worry about the unknown but it's about trying to use the time and energy on something that will be helpful.

Best wishes and good luck with the results


Thank you for your calm and positive replies I am trying to step up my fitness and lung function with brisk walks and yoga, it seems to be working physically and mentally - fear of the unknown I guess x


I tell myself that if I have an appointment coming up when I am due to get test results that I refuse to waste my time worrying about it till it happens .in the meantime I put my trust in the consultant to look after me with all his knowledge. It helped me cope when diagnosed with cancer 7 months ago . Wishing you well. Joyce


Hi I have pneumonitis must admit got some serrapeptase and dvd oil to take when it was bad afro ask if it's ok to take with meds though


Dvd oil sorry


Cbd oil


Haha thanks Jane got there in the end! Will look into it


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