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Glandular problems!

Looking for some advice.

For the past 6 months the glands in my neck have being swelling up and very painful around every other week sometimes causing pain inside my throat and other times not. I am getting pains in the right side of my chest, become breathless easily and constantly feel tired; I have absolutely no energy. Head aches are regular too. This all started after I have tonsillitis August 2017. My right gland is constantly swollen and gets larger and smaller, left side not so much but can be quite tender to touch.

I have being to the doctors and blood tests are normal. X-Ray also normal. Any ideas what could be wrong or what to do from here??

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Very hard to give help on this one. My friend as had similar symptoms for a number of months. Her GP now thinks it could be glandular fever. Her throat swabs came back normal, x-rays etc. Glandular fever can be very persistent and there have been a larger than normal amount of cases over the last few months in the UK.

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Glandular fever..even shingles my daughter had glands for ages before the spots came out..sign of an inflammation somewhere anyway. Hope they find out soon for you.


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