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Chest Infection

I have just been diagnosed with asthma although I have been plagued with chest infections for approx past 5 years, I have a chest infectioin at the moment and Im on day 7 of steroids and antibiotics. Peak flow reading up from 150 to 250. I have osteoarthritis in both thumbs and wide spread pain throughout my body which makes my doctor saying I have fibromyalgia!! I reduced my working hours last year and Im now thinking that I need to reduce them further as I am a support worker.

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Hi Mas

So sorry you are going through a hard time..Your peak flow seems low..under 200 I am supposed to call 999..Do that if you are breathless and unwell.

It seems your asthma is not well controlled. I would ask for a referral to your local respiratory clinic. When we are not on the right meds, we tend to get more chest infections.

Steroids should help with the pain.

Unfortunately arthritis and asthma often go together..even if it is just bad aches and pains because if you don’t get enough oxygen in you are bound to have more muscular pains..

Keep in touch and take care of yourself x


Thanks Happylondon. I just feel I've been battling for years for a diagnosis for all my symptoms. Huge problem I have at work are all the animals. Doctor saying I must change my work because of my breathing difficulties. I've been in my job with same family for 7 years. Where at almost 62 years old will I get a job that will suit my ailments. I know that I will probably have to end up leaving but it is very worrying. Pity retirement age has risen or I could have been relaxing at home now.


Ahhh did they test you for animal hair?

They kept on talking about my cat well I wasn’t allergic to cats after all 😃

Well you can’t change your job but at least he can help you to feel better!! Do push for that appointment at your local hospital, it makes a big difference. They can prescribe better meds that the GP can.

I know.. I retired at 62 and it was time!!!

Thinking of you!! Take care!!

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I have found that 7 days do not work for me. My GP has now put me on 10-14 days and seems to make all the difference for me. Good luck don't give up X


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