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Oops I already posted--but I'm new here, newly diagnosed with COPD and asthma. I'm from warm breezy Chicago . I have been helped by all the info and interactions on this site and others as well as a good pulmonologist --and by several meds, pulm rehab, and upping my visits to a gym. I can't walk the 12 miles I was doing just 18 months ago but on non snow/ice days I'm able to enjoy a good 5 or 6 miles (I get bored on the treadmill). On my first doc visit I had O2 saturation of 86 (and 54 after the 6 minute walk) but after meds and with Pursed Lip Breathing ---I'm at 97 then 93. !!

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and learning as much info and insight as possible.

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Welcome! Great results, well done..I go up and down after taking my inhalers..Inhale deeply oxygen will go up, exhale pursed lip or not oxygen will go under 90 you should worry so I have been told but don’t get stuck on figures. My question is always, how do you feel? Feel breathless regularly then consult your doctor etc because your disease is not controlled.

Take care x

Welcome patmc1 and hope you enjoy being part of HU. Xxx

Hi and welcome I lived in lake forest nearly 60 years ago ,spent many happy hrs in Chicago loved Marshal field s.

You take care


patmc1 in reply to newlands

We Chicagoans never "got over" Macy's buying Fields . We still insist on calling it Field's, we call the city train the "L" whether it runs underground or not----and it's Wrigley Field, the Sears tower and the Hancock!!! PS the North Shore is such a beautiful area.

newlands in reply to patmc1

I also was upset when fields was sold ,couldn’t believe it when maceys bought it

Hi patmc1 you bought back some happy memories for me. My daughter and I visited Chicago a few years ago and loved it! Everyone was so friendly and the city has a unique air about it-the buildings are amazing and while we were there we attended the Blues Festival which we really enjoyed. My daughter lives with her partner now and is expecting a baby so memories of our times together are extra special now! Pleased to hear you are managing your COPD and asthma. x

patmc1 in reply to Roseking2001

I'm not crazy about the weather but I do think Chicago is a great city. There are so many museums, free festivals, distinctive neighborhoods, one of the only free major zoos left in the world (Lincoln), an attractive lakefront, and so importantly now major hospitals.

Congrats on being a soon to be grandmom

Hello patmc1 .

So lovely that you've joined us. Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Cas xx 🌻

Hello and welcome patmc1

Hi I too just recently diagnosed with COPD and bronchiectasis and attending pulmonary therapy but only just started hoping to achieve the same as you. I find this site very helpful and the people are great.

patmc1 in reply to Patsy164

I'm so hopeful for all of us. How long is your rehab????At Northwestern it's 2x 2 hour weekly sessions for almost 12 weeks. But there is a phase 3 that I just signed up for.

Goodluck to you (and all of us)

Patsy164 in reply to patmc1

My rehab is 2x2 sessions per week for 6 weeks in south east uk but I think you can extend if needed and could get asked back. Find it very helpful taking to others with the same problem and talks about how to manage when your bad. All in all a good thing. Good luck with your course.

Welcome patmc1 You will find lots of help and info on here.

Love the USA my husband and I have been all over the states Philadelphia,Cleveland, Dayton,Harpers Ferry,Gettysburg, Mount Rushmore, Tucson, Arizona 4 times, We also did the SKYWALK it was awsome,New York twice, Washington DC twice( Sat in congress at the Capital building) , Grand Canyon 3 times, Kill Devil Hills, Monument Valley, San Francisco.Los Angelas, Niagara Falls,(Las Vagas Drove through) we also ventured into Mexico via Arizona Just for a few hours was not impressed, All by road used to go for a few weeks at a time, everywhere we went we found everyone to be so helpful and friendly and courteous Loved the Outback,have not been since I was dianosed with COPD.we miss it.

patmc1 in reply to HummingbirdM

Wow you really have traveled. I've been a few places ---but my favorite places are----Maui, Acapulco, London, Edinburgh, Skye, Harlem, Bruges, Budapest. I'm still aiming for Egypt (Nile trip to Luxor and sidetrip to Amana (I love the 18th Dynasty). ---But I'm now afraid to travel too far with this condition. I'll have to save money fast and travel smart.

Thank you for the welcome

Your welcome I like you am afraid of flying since the diagnosis of COPD, Egypt was on my list to visit but I just dont have the nerve its a 4 hour flight or so from heathrow, also wanted to visit Hawaii,we did go to Rome, have been to Paris, we lived in Cyprus for 6 years my husband was in the RAF all his working life,warrant officer retired now.Who knows they may have a cure for this condition sometime but I dont suppose in our life time, one can only hope.

Forgot to Say the reason behind my name on this sight is humming bird is we went to San Diago on our travels and I was stood outside the hotel waiting for my husband to check in among some lovely tree and plants when a beautiful humming bird came flying right up to me hovering maybe a couple of feet from my face I dare not move,it was the first one I had ever seen and I fell in love with it we saw lots more over the years but not one that close.amazing and so tiny

patmc1 in reply to HummingbirdM

They are magical. I've only seen a few around here -Chicago is on part of their migration path but even with feeders and special prairie flowers I've never attracted regulars. Still where my sis lives during the summer in upper Wisconsin there are droves. One restaurant has been feeding them for years and you sit in the dining room and watch out the many windows at hundreds on them. What's funny is the sound of scores of them arguing and scolding each other. Like cute but cranky pixies

HummingbirdM in reply to patmc1

My heaven, would loved to have seen them at that restaurant

I am also from Chicago but had heart problems before being diagnosed with COPD. I go to Northshore and took cardiorehab there. What meds are you taking? My pumonologist is still deciding about mine.

patmc1 in reply to Smikra

Hi, She started me off with Breo ellipta 200/25 and just recently added Incruse (to see is I can get a little more boost). It was amazing what the Breo did_- immediately I went from a FEV1 of 56% to 75% . I also have had Proair (rescue albuterol) for several years ---I did think I had a touch of asthma which she know believes is a major part of the SOB. (my IGE was 1600-normal is around 100---that usually denotes allergy/asthma). I also knew from 23 and me that I am a carrier for alpha1 deficiency- so the 16 years I smoked was 60% more damaging.(I quit over 22 years ago---I thought I was safe).

We are lucky I guess (?) that we do have great medical facilities in Chicago. There are many areas especially in the states that have high COPD illness (West Virginia ....) that have few rehab programs or even pulmonologists.

Thanks. My insurance covers Brio. So far I'm happy with the extraordinary care I've gotten here.

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