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Chest Conjustion/Chest Infection/Heavy Mucus

My Mother met a road accident two years back and she was in ICU. After recovering from that, she is having tiredness and heavy mucus formation in chest or lungs. We are continuously treating from that time still, it is not getting cured. All doctors said it takes time to get cured. Heavy mucus formation and the cough sometimes, It is almost 2 years. I am scared.

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I imagine you are scared for your Mother. Do the doctors have a name for all those symptoms?

Why don’t you phone the BLF helpline and have a good chat with one of their nurses?

Hope it will be useful x

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I spent 19 days in ICU 2 years 3 months ago and only now am I beginning o feel any recovery. Its been a long hard struggle and the nurses warned me that for every day in ICU it takes a month to recover at least. I am 71 with severe COPD/Emphysema and I was in with Pneumonia and respiratory failure


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