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Foul smell!

2 weeks since sinus surgery and nose is starting to clear still quite blocked but not as bad definitely an improvement. Still terrible sinus headches and pressure. ENT cons said 3-6 weeks usually recovery time, so I may be in for a long haul. Eye pain at night is terrible.

Worst thing is have completely foul smell in my nose, I can't smell anything else yet but this smell is vile it's like rotting flesh (sorry!). But it's making me feel sick, also have little taste yet and sometimes get a bad taste in my mouth. It's common after these ops apparently I read online. But that's not a comfort as it is awful and can't get away from it.

He cleaned my nose out Friday and said it all looked very good and no infection had formed so all promising think it's just going to be a long game to get I really these horrid side effects.

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Hoping things improve soon Shancock and you find it was all worthwhile. Xxxx

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3-6 weeks can be a long time, poor you..glad your Friday appointment was positive, hold on to that. Take care x


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