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Malignant pleural effusion with lung cancer

Pleural catheter installed two weeks ago. Pet scan lit him up like a Christmas tree December 27th. Trouble breathing and tight chest December 4th. Thought heart attack....x-rays showed the fluid around his right lung. Non smoker. They want to start xgena soon. The bone mets are everywhere. Spine, ribs, right hip many nodes. Hasn't had a cough or cold forever. Blindsided.

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Welcome to you. That’s a lot to take in and l send good wishes and hope to you. Xxxx


Hi sorry to read about issues going on ONLY thing I have read is way of boosting immunity.

Here is interesting read mesothelioma.net/intermitte...

I guess works with any cancers


So sorry to read about his diagnosis. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.


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