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Lung Diease COPD Antibiotics’s & Mental Health

Thought I would do this post following MY experience with amoxicillin antibiotic.

I took amoxicillin instead of my regular maintenance antibiotics’s following infection AND within first few pills I noticed I had rank attertude n quite short with people ANYWAY I managed to keep it in a sort of check BUT was not great experience.

On lung sites YA don’t really read about Lung Diease COPD Antibiotics’s & Mental Health GUESS is tad of dirty word.

Unless we are all happy with our health.


It’s quite surprising how many articles there are BUT don’t think ever read things like that in one of antibiotic side effect sheets.

Well unless did but forgot given my lung diease

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From my personal experience...I've taken amoxicillin 250 or 500 for many years with zero issues until my insurance changed went to the generic versions. Took it after a dental extraction last year, besides a aching jaw I was fine but on day 2 my mood changed, insomnia, energy levels went down, just felt horrible and I thought it was just me, took it again a few months later for a infection and sure enough I got depressed again so I knew it was the antibiotic, mentioned it to my doctor and called the pharmacy and both passed it off. A internet search proved different.


Hi thanks for reply sharing story ... I had usally been ok wile on them this was first time I had ever felt mentally uncomfortable on them LUCKLY it passed the more I got into the course of them.

I don’t know if mine was genetic thingy or what BUT i would not like to experience something like it again


My GP won't give them to me any more as I am immune to them, assuming that is the reason .... I do tend to get a bit of a dodgy belly with them though !!

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I to have sufferd antibiotic resistant’s BUT usaly taking other course make germs forget.

My resistance is usaly every 6 to 12 weeks when on maintenance antibiotic’s

Think with having regular course then changing caused mental speed wobble.


HI. I have COPD and I was prescribed " ERYTHROMYCIN" antibiotics for a chest infection. My wife was staying at our sons baby sitting for the night.

I woke up about 3 am and I was hallucinating so bad I couldn't get to the phone as I couldn't get out of bed. To tell the truth I didn't know where I was and if I had had a gun or a knife I'm sure I would have killed myself and by the time my wife got home in the morning the affect was beginning to wear of. The trouble is you don't know till you take them how they will react on you. Needless to say they are on my NO-NO list. H



Hi Harry13 I had a bad reaction from erythromycin, my eyes came out like bags of water and my chest was terrible , needless to say I will never take these again, and amoxycillan just dont do anything for me at all.


Hi Izb 1. As I said you don't know how you are going to react to anything until you take it. I sure don't know the answer. Harry


I started amoxicillin last year as a maintenance antibiotic but stopped after a few days as I did not real 'right' on it - glad I did now - thanks for the info.


That's interesting JeffAjax!

Royal Brompton put me on Septrin as a preventative antibiotic. Gp's complained dangerous drug and it was 'expensive' too!

lve been taking co-trimoxazole a generic brand 3x weekly to prevent infections reoccuring and was working well but gradually became more and more depressed over past year (out of character), have ended up on 2 Prozac daily!

Going back to hospital in March and will ask if Brompton would recommend Septrin as named drug and not the generic brand. What's the betting the depression clears up and Prozac no longer needed?

So glad you shared what happened to you JeffAjax....

We will have to see what happens but my gut reaction is that you have revealled a disturbing truth about cheaper antibiotics....


I read on the internet about the different antibiotics and one post said problems with any antibiotic with the letters MOXY in the name to de carefull of, many after effects.


A couple of years back I was given amoxicillin each time I had an infection and it always resulted in further prescriptions, sometimes three. Told the surgery it was not doing anything for me but they kept on with it. Then I said if you were a business you would go bankrupt as you were prescribing three prescriptions instead of trying something new. Then was tried on Doxicillin which still isn't brilliant but does the job better then Amoxicillin ever did. Hope this is of some use to you!


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