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HI,not been on for a few months, started pulmonary rehab on the 8th of January at my local breathing space, and loving it not been in my gym since 2016, due to constant flare ups of arthritis. Last week I was emptying the dust out of the hoover when it started to affect my asthma, never had this before I just normally sneeze. 3 hrs later I washed the filters out, and was struggling to breath, kept taking my inhaler. next day felt a bit better. Does anybody who takes seebri breezhaler live in south Yorkshire. I have a full box not been opened which I can not use if I take it back to my pharmacy it will be destroyed which is stupid if someone can use it, its throwing money down the drain.

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hello the nhs must waste millions every yr doing this 2days ago the dr sent my script to the chemist and included useless antidepressants a full months supply with the new ones ive been transferred to you would think their own common sense would kick in.like you going to have to return them.sorry cant help with your breathingbut got artritus in knee from I fell off the top step of a coach on to the kerb of rd .I had my toddler son in my arms we were going camber sands on a day trip.,so its not auto immune one.


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