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Newbie and tired all the time

Hi my name is sandy and have copd + asthma had this for 7+ years now ......it's very scary to be told this I've tried to just take it in my stride and get on with things but I'm so tired all the time .....I had pluris lung years ago and they say that that and the smoking factor is some of the cause also bronchitis is in the family from my grandad .......how do you get past this tiredness ?

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Hi Tillybotaz I know exactly how you feel, I have bronchiectasis, copd and asthma and I am just so so tired all the time sometimes not even waking up till afternoon time, I spoke to my Respritary nurse who said it is a symptom and everyone reacts differently, I feel so useless at times but I guess we have to deal with it and push ourselves through it, will be interesting if others on this forum have any solutions to this xx


Sometimes I push myself through it, most of the time I pace myself to cope.


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