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Bronchiectasis Crackles

I have bronchiectasis caused by a hypoplastic right lung and many chest infections. Over the last few months my chest has started crackling much more than it used to. It's worse when I breathe out and the loudest crackles are in time with my heartbeat. It turns into more of a squeak when my lungs are almost empty, but always in time with my pulse!!

I am feeling as though I have more phlegm than usual so I guess it's just an exacerbation of my usual problems? It's difficult for a GP to detect any anomalies with a stethoscope due to the hyperplasia in my right lung, but I do wonder if I might have some fluid further down. Anyone else get these noises with bronchiectasis please? These are fairly new for me so I'm a little concerned. Guess it's time for yet another trip to the GP lol

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Hi Deb - I too have bronchiectasis and one of the GPs at our practice says when I go in to see him says ‘Rice Krispie time is it?’ This is nearly always confirms that there an infection on the go. So, yes, you should get it checked out.


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