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Worried about To Many CT scans


Hi Guys. Been following the site for some time but frist time participated. I have bronchiestasis in both lungs (but probably on moderate side) and two small nodules in one lung one nodule of which is growing. I have had no less than six CT scans in three years, plus full body CT Pet scan and a heart profusion test - all involving radiation albeit low doses. The only thing it seems in my favour as regards radiation is that I am 75. Has anyone any helpful informed comments as to why I should not be concerned. Or a suggestion how I can find out (I am even willing to pay). Best wishes to everyone. In Oz (where I spent 18 years) you would be called real Aussie battlers. It's a fine compliment.

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Risk factor for x-rays and ct scan



Big thank you stone-uk.That was really quick and thoughtful. Really interesting stuff which, in fact, I have seen before but was unable to work out the true picture as the amoiunt of radiation varies between machines and technicians.

Anyone got any ideas as to how I can go about getting a true valuation/prognosis from a radiologist? Or has had similar experiences to myself?

PS. Sorry - should have said that because I was over 70 when Ct scans began for me, then I was seemingly at a lower risk? But I found it difficult from the NHS table of radiation exposure to work it all out. But thanks again

Are they keeping an eye on the thing that you have that is growing? I have bronchithingy in both lungs and have had 2 ct scans since 2016. . I’m not sure why I even had the second one but won’t have another unless it’s of critical importance. . Here in the UK, or at least in Leeds, it seems you have to read the results yourself and ask for action unless it’s an emergency. I think the bottom line is to ask why you are having them and ensure they are important.

Frustrated, to hopefully put your mind somewhat at ease, over the last 6 years , I have had at least 5 X-rays, 20 CT scans, a pet scan , and 6 weeks of daily radiation on my chest. I am still here , vertical and kicking. Best Wishes, judg69

Frustrated, ............ and I've had at least 6 MRI's! ......... And still nobody has told me I glow in the dark ! Best Wishes again, judg69

Frustrated, this is my last addendum..............and I had chemo every 3 weeks for 2 years. Still vertical, judg69!

I have had a total of 12 exposures in 12 months last year (x-rays, CT & PET scans) and after an eight month lull I will be having another CT this Thursday. I hope this time I get the all clear, without yet more new nodules being found again that will need more watching. I have been on a watch and wait regime for 18 months now, although I have ceased fretting about it, it would be nice not to have it at the back of my mind.

The benefits outweigh any risks, they are not allowed to do you harm, so stop worrying.

Thanks everyone for your replies. Terrific response from caring people.

Nodules of themselves are considered most probably harmless as most of the population have one or two. The usual thing is to keep an eye on them, first scan, then one six months later, and if all ok a year, and after that possibly yearly. On the balance of risk it is better to have the scans and be safe, or if necessary treated, than not to and find they do the nasty on you. I too have bilateral bronchiectasis among other things, and am still more or less upright and breathing! I am 74. I hope the nodules are benign, but currently you are having the recommended treatment. Good luck xx

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This link might help too.


Thank you too! This site is a great way of learning.

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